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Used to be depressed and now I need a new wardrobe

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Long story short I was stuck in a deep depression for the past 3 years and I dressed like shit. Now I'm feeling better and I'd like to start dressing better. I already have an idea of how I want to dress in my head but I can't find pictures to base it off of and I don't know what stores to go to. 


The way I'd like to dress is like a combination of casual,dressy, chic, and preppy. I'm still in college so it can't be too formal. I want to be able to stand out by my dress. I see guys wearing button up shirts with ties and then a pair of jeans,khakis, or chinos and I think it looks really good. And they're wearing casual shoes not dress shoes. Are there any websites where I can find guys dressed like that so I can get an idea of what to buy ? Are there any stores that sell stuff like that. I'd like to spend about 500 dollars not including shoes. 

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First, congratulations on turning your life around and getting out of depression!

Shop before you buy. Look at men's fashion magazines, web sites such as this, go to departments stores and men's shops, ask well-dressed friends where they shop and join them one afternoon.

Make a note of what you like and try stuff on. This will cost you nothing. After you find a few pieces you like, buy carefully - a piece at a time and usually on sale. Refine your style over time (it takes a lifetime). Start with the basics -- a navy blazer or sports coat, a couple of nice shirts, trousers and shoes. Work up from there. Remember -- fit is the most important when buying clothes. Quality of materials, construction, color, texture are important as well, after fit.

Good luck and have fun!
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Fit, Fit, Fit. 

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Congratulations, mate. I was in quite a similar dilemma a few years ago also. When I first started, I was sorting through random sites like Askmen, GQ, and the men's fashion section on Pinterest to get an idea of what I like and potentially my own style.


Like the replys above said, fit is extremely important. Get shirts, pants, coats, blazers, etc. fitted, wearing clothes much bigger than your body size makes you look like a kid. Also, get familiar with colors and patterns knowing what goes well with what and what doesn't. Add a little color instead of the usual whites, greys, and blacks.


When shopping, I usually try to imagine what outfit I want. If you're a little low on money, buy flexible clothing which could adapt to your wardrobe, like cardigans or various button down shirts so you could have lots of different combinations even with a small amount of clothes at hand.

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For preppy/chic, you can't go wrong with a cotton blazer. Will look good with jeans.

And to echo the above point, congrats on getting out of depression.

Jcrew should have most of the stuff you're looking for if you're on a budget. Also check the the B&S section of the forum.
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First, big congrats on feeling better. One of the things that gets me going in the morning is thinking about what I will wear, it is a great pastime that is easy on the head if you don't take it too seriously. I agree on the J. Crew idea. You will see a lot of negative comments on them from time to time but one thing they do a fantastic job of is their style guide which is both a catalog and a resource. It also helps that they are on the same look you are after right now. I also look at Brooks Brothers and I can't say enough about how well the Mr. Porter website works. You are able to go on the site, pic a product and then click to see it in outfit view. It is also helpful that any item you select will also have listed 4-5 complimentary pieces they suggest. It is expensive to buy from but  you can get great ideas to make your list from.  They do have good sales from time to time. Lastly they have great editorial content that is updated and added to frequently. Those things along with the endless amount of information here and people to ask questions of and get ideas from and you will be all set.


Feel free to PM me if you have any questions you want to ask off the public boards, I am happy to try and assist.


Be Well,



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Additionally user Bourbonbasted has a great blog you can get to by just looking at one of his posts, and a website called Ivy Style along with some of the links you will find there.

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BB, J Crew, Ralph Lauren, bonobos great places to shop.


Slow and steady, don't buy too much at once until you find your style.

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Great job! Start with the looks you're gonna get a lot of versatility out of. I'd probably spend most of that budget on an awesome navy sport coat/blazer and a few shirts and jeans. I've recently started my style quest and it hasn't taken too long - maybe 3-4 months to get my new wardrobe sorted. It has taken a considerable investment though. I echo the advice above, don't buy too much too fast, and keep reviewing/exchanging/returning/selling things that don't work (it'll still happen even with good advice from here).

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Congratulations, I found it beneficial to find images of what I liked on tumblr and go from there. A lot of looks and content and plenty of things to be found.

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The above article possesses this gem:

[For a suit] Black is the safest and the never-out-of-fashion colour for all times and occasions.


So I would take everything else it says with a grain of salt.

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Originally Posted by Claghorn View Post

The above article possesses this gem:

So I would take everything else it says with a grain of salt.
It gets worse after that. I made the mistake of reading a few if the other blog posts as well. That was a mistake.
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thanks for all the replies guys. I decided to check out tumblr and see if I can find my desired look on there. 

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Don't let tumblr define your wardrobe, be yourself
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Originally Posted by Mark24 View Post

thanks for all the replies guys. I decided to check out tumblr and see if I can find my desired look on there. 

I'll echo the congratulations above; must feel good to confront this and finally feel better! Ok, now on to the important stuff biggrin.gif...

Based on what you've stated as your desired look, I'd start with JCrew, Brooks Bros. and Ralph Lauren. In trying to determine the look you want, I think you'll be less overwhelmed if you start with single-brand stores (like the above) as opposed to department stores. The reason being, the catalogs of single-brand stores will typically have a certain overall aesthetic (or one or two running themes) to them while a department store will be all over the map. When it comes time to buy, by all means go wherever and try on lots of stuff. In addition to the brand stores and dept. stores you may or may not (depending on where you live) have access to some nice boutiques with a well-curated collection of clothes.

My final suggestion would be to avoid getting multiple whole outfits at one time from one place (unless money really isn't an issue) because a) never good to look like you just stepped out of a catalogue and b) it's more fun to search over time, plus you'll refine the vision of what you'd ultimately like as your style.
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