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I would say that losing Patrick followed by the dramatic departure of Mr L'Roubi have changed just about everything at Number 11.  My friends tell me that Mr Lagrange is taking his ownership very seriously and is determined to return Huntsman to its traditional position of prominence.

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What happened to L'Roubi? Did I miss that? Did he really leave or is he just spending more time on the women's business?
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^ He is no longer creative director. But I think, more importantly, that means he is no longer there day-to-day making people miserable.
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Thanks. That is welcome news. Perhaps his departure was not too late.

In any event, I have never heard a peep from them since I received my last suit (about a year and a half or two years ago). But I haven't heard from Peter Smith, either. So I guess no one wants me.

I look forward to hearing how your suit turns out,
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^ I wouldn't be surprised if Peter isn't contacting Huntsman customers either as a result of contractual limitations or general moral principles. As for Huntsman not reaching out to you, it is mostly new faces. The amount of turnover is pretty remarkable. I was definitely a stranger when I walked in, which is fine, but it is far different than the welcome I was used to receiving. I hope this turns out well. I don't see them making more than one garment for me a year anymore as my business has now shifted, but I hope they succeed. It is a great and unique addition to the bespoke world. I have a feeling that Dario's work is going to really impress me.
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Peter has moved down the street to Richard Anderson.  They worked together for years before Mr Anderson struck out on his own.  For obvious reasons that was kept sotto sotto at first.  Mr L'Roubi has cut all ties with Mr Lagrange and received a very generous severance in the form of real estate, according to the wags on The Row.

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Has there been any movement on the NY store? I haven't really seen much since that announcement unless I missed something.
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My understanding is that it isn't so much a store as a place to do bespoke fittings with clients when they visit.
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Patrick Murphy is now travelling with Alan Bennett. That may be a perfect combination for me.
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Originally Posted by dopey View Post

What happened to L'Roubi? Did I miss that? Did he really leave or is he just spending more time on the women's business?

Sounds like he's no longer at the company
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Quoting from The New York Times article:

"Mr. Carey, who serves as co-head cutter (with Dario Carnera) in addition to his role as creative director, is dedicated to the signature Huntsman aesthetic: a one-button slack pocket, strong but natural shoulder line and high-waisted jacket."

What the hell (forgive my French) is a “one-button slack pocket”?

Frog in Suit
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Journalese for "my notes are garbled, here."
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I have a feeling that was meant to read "one button jacket with slanted pockets".
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An update. Huntsman is back in New York for their first visit in 2016, as well as their first visit (I believe) with Dario and Campbell as new co-head cutters. They've also taken space on 57th street where they now see clients. This was my first fitting with Dario, and based on a completely different patter. I'm pretty thrilled with the results so far. Dario's cut is true to the Huntsman style, perhaps a smidge shorter jacket and more flexibility in terms of what he will and won't due. He is a truly talented fitter and his small adjustments make a huge difference. He took a coat that was made for me in 2014 that I've never loved and is making some tweaks that I think will make a real difference.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the direction of the firm. The personnel seems happy, which makes a lot of difference. I was confident enough to make another order. For those who have been holding off since the comings and goings of recent years as I was, it is time to consider taking another look.
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