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Kiyokazu Washida's たかが服、されど服

Include some runway pics from aw81 up until 2000. Thanks Asobu ! lot of photos (Click to show)

a/w 81-82, s/s 83

s/s 83

a/w 83-84

s/s 84, a/w 83-84

s/s 84

a/w 84-85

s/s 85, a/w 84-85[/QUOTE]

a/w 85-86

s/s 86

s/s 86

a/w 86-87

a/w 86-87

a/w 87-88

a/w 88-89, s/s 88

s/s 89

a/w 89-90

a/w 89-90[/QUOTE]

s/s 85

a/w 85-86, s/s 85

a/w 85-86, s/s 86

s/s 90

a/w 90-91

s/s 91[/QUOTE]

a/w 91-92 6.1 THE MEN

a/w 91-92, a/w 92-93, s/s 91

a/w 91-92, s/s 91

a/w 91-92, s/s 92

a/w 92-93[/QUOTE]

s/s 93

s/s 93

a/w 93-94

s/s 94

a/w 94-95, s/s 94

a/w 94-95, s/s 94[/QUOTE]

s/s 95, a/w 94-95

s/s 95, a/w 94-95

a/w 93-94, a/w 94-95[/QUOTE]

a/w 95-96

a/w 95-96 The SAPPORO Collection

a/w 95-96, s/s 95[/QUOTE]

s/s 96, s/s 97

a/w 96-97

a/w 96-97 The NEW YORK Collection

a/w 98-99

s/s 96, a/w 96-97

s/s 97, a/w 97-98[/QUOTE]

s/s 98

s/s 99

a/w 99-00, ss00

a/w 00-01[/QUOTE]

s/s 01

a/w 01-02

s/s 01

s/s 02[/QUOTE]

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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

huh i think i did actually post that 032C before elsewhere ...

anyway, another one snake and i own (though i think you sold yours ??)

Nope, still have it!

I think I remember Ivwri saying that he wasn't too impressed with This is My Dream, but I still want to try to get my hands on a copy.
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Doh! Was going to post shots from Talking to Myself later in the week. Love the binding and the paper (feels like it is coated with linen or something) used for the cover. Are duplicates with alternate shots allowed in here?

Waiting on my copy of the Taschen Yohji book so will probably do that as well once I get it if no one does so first. Will also work on getting good shots (or scans!) of A magazine curated by Yohji Yamamoto and Future Beauty: 30 years of Japanese Fashion by the end of the week.

Great stuff so far gents, always a pleasure to stumble upon threads like this one with the usual suspects icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

EDIT - Yeah Talking to Myself was not all that in my opinion. I wish they focused more on the actual design team and less on the random asides with Yohji himself (some of which were pretty cool, but in my opinion, mainly irrelevant to the brand as it is today). Would have also appreciated more archival footage of the first collections etc. Not a waste of money to own though and the scented candle it came with was pretty nice smile.gif

Talking to Myself does indeed read like a vanity project that could have done with a firmer hand from the editor, but overall I like it as it does provide a good insight into Yohji's mind and/or mental processes. Chapters like the ones discussing buttons, women, pockets and so on are pretty cool and so are some of the images he painted when talking about his clothing. Just like A Notebook... both films suffer from being a bit too egocentric/"experimental" in my opinion but they still have some value satisfied.gif
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Another expose. Will try to do a readable, overhead shot with full images when I am home and have the space/lighting to do so. Colors may seem off because I had my room light + natural light right next to the window. Will do Pleats Please sometime soon if Sipang will allow me, though I think he can do a better job

Bless: Retrospective Home
N° 30 - N° 41

Year: 2010
Paperback, red page edges
416 pages

Availability: Amazon

Majority photos of clothing + objects, ranging from knit boxing gloves and half-transparent trench coat to "embroidered" potted plants and sun hats with leg-length drapey veils ominously named "The Bringer". Also a few images of homes decorated by Bless and collages of spreads/photos of random Bless scenes (whatever that might be). Some essays and articles, but very little and only at the beginning. Cool little book that shows a wide variety of what Bless does, starting as a kind of overview/documentary of the Brand and then going into a catalog-thing that shows objects from the various collections.


Eprfect verything !

Eprfect verything ! is an exclamation full of positivity and happiness. The incorrect spelling suggests the speed of these emotions, with time constantly pushing us forward. An array of selected chairs, armchairs, and stools were placed almost at random throughout the space. The idea was to confuse the classical hierarchic system of fashionshow seating. There was no front-row per se, or even those in the very back had front row seats. The models walked throughout the space, weaving between the chairs. Models played with remote control cars, others wore flying carpets (the Carpet Top), while others cycled through the space.

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Eprfect erview !
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Oops, just noticed 2 photos that didn't upload. Fixed it
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Big one, this one is too good.


Pleats Please - Issey Miyake
Year: 2012
512 pages

Availability: Amazon

**The cover is the type that extends past the actual pages, and I personally do not like this type of binding since the books are prone to damage when shipped. Mine came slightly deformed, due to the softcover**

$25 is a steal. Large, vivid photos that show a great amount of depth and texture. Interesting writing about Miyake's thoughts on Pleats Please line. Cool writing about the technical/manufacturing aspect of the clothes as well as a large section containing some amazing ad campaigns. One of my favorite sections is near the end, titled Pleats Please Travel Through the Planet, showcasing photographs from India to Morocco. The print is awesome, one of my favorite pages is the blueish one with all the colourful shirts etc, hanging from the ceiling. Some of the ink is subtly glossy/metallic while others (like the colorful shirts) are matte, making for a very, very cool image to look at in certain lights.


The dress falls easily from my shoulders and develops into a free-floating form which I sense more than I actually feel. As I walk, the ultra-lightweight, earth-colored and multi-pleated mass moves me more than I move it. With each step, it develops according to its own rules, taking on a ballooning shape, transforming the outline of my silhouette. It springs up and down and around me, giving my walk an unexpected beat. When I jump, the garment defies gravity and undresses me for a split second, creating a stir...

Phew. Wasn't that a lot. I'm not even sorry for not spoilering this.
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Cosign on this one. Great great value for the price. The book is also trilingual (English, French, German) in typical Taschen fashion.

I'll try to post some additional pics/thoughts later.
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Do it now
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Anyone have Raf Simons Redux? I have seen some images of it and it looks really cool. Too bad it's $$$

Are the Taschen designer books good? Thinking of picking up the Yohji ones but I don't like the covers (is that weird)

Will do Many of Them: Vol II sometime next week when my lens gets here
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I can do Redux when I find the damn thing, it's probably hidden under a pile of other books.

Is Many of Them worth the price ? Been meaning to order it. but I'll wait for the review.
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I can do Redux too if you can't find yours.

Might have to add that bless book to the list, looks nice and surprisingly not $$$.
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"The years… when I pursued the inner images, were the most important time of my life.
Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter
anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded
me like an enigmatic stream and threatened to break me. That was the stuff and material for more than
only one life. Everything later was merely the outer classification, scientific elaboration, and the integration
into life. But the numinous beginning, which contained everything, was then.

The work is inscribed by Jung with the title Liber Novus (The New Book). The folio size manuscript, 
11.57 inches (29.4 cm) by 15.35 inches (39.0 cm), was bound in red leather, and was commonly referred to 
as the "Red Book" by Jung. Inside are 205 pages of text and illustrations, all from his hand: 53 are full images, 
71 contain both text and artwork and 81 are pure calligraphic text.[7] He began work on it in 1913, first in small 
black journals, during a difficult period of "creative illness", or confrontation with the unconscious, and it is said 
to contain some of his most personal material.[8] During the sixteen years he worked on the book, Jung 
developed his theories of archetypes, collective unconscious, and individuation.[9]

The Red Book was a product of a technique developed by Jung which he termed active imagination. As Jung 
described it, he was visited by two figures, an old man and a young woman, who identified themselves as Elijah 
and Salome. They were accompanied by a large black snake. In time, the Elijah figure developed into a guiding 
spirit that Jung called Philemon (ΦΙΛΗΜΩΝ, as originally written with Greek letters). Salome was identified by 
Jung as an anima figure. The figures, according to Jung, "brought home to me the crucial insight that there are 
things in the psyche which I do not produce, but which produce themselves and have their own life."[4]

The Philemon figure represented superior insight and communicated through mythic imagery. The images did 
not appear to come from Jung's own experience and Jung interpreted them as products of the collective unconscious.

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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

I can do Redux when I find the damn thing, it's probably hidden under a pile of other books.

Is Many of Them worth the price ? Been meaning to order it. but I'll wait for the review.

I'm not really sure, it's not too expensive (was $45 USD for me). It's kinda small, like dimension-wise but pretty thick, with LOTS of designers but very little of each designer, but at the same time a lot of lesser known designers as well as very conceptual ones (cosmic wonder & bless). There are some interviews etc/nonsensical writings (Rick Owens film...thing), and very artsy photos (hello finger covering lens in 30% of the photos). I'll do a proper later this week so you can see if you want it
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