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Huell Howser--a California broadcasting legend for his various shows that have appeared on public broadcasting over the past couple of decades--has passed away, according to sources who spoke to the Weekly on condition of anonymity.

The news will come as a shock to his legions of fans, all who were puzzled when Howser announced his retirement late last year, as Howser still seemed to have the enthusiasm and energy that made him so easy to parody--and so beloved to millions of Californians.

For those that don't know, he hosted a PBS show where he would travel around CA showing anything interesting. He got so excited about the most mundane things that his show were unintentionally funny. He also showed a lot of overlooked parts of CA you never see anywhere else on TV, or read about.

Here are a few clips. My favorite one is the world famous Baghdad Cafe, full of awkward eccentrics:

"Oh you just bought it, he's never actually been here. Burt Lancaster's never been here. They just hung it up. Well… it looks good!"

Here is the full eps. It's one mishap after another. After the cafe he meet some old man living in the middle of no where who starts licking rocks he collects.

Huell is enchanted by the avacado dog
Trolling the shit out of a Border Guard