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January 08, 2013

Heads up to all the Toronto gents,
DAVIDS shoes (Bloor & Bay) is currently having a 60% off sale.
I passed by there earlier last night and thought I would pass this info along. Unfortunately, I was in the area after they had closed for the day so didn't have a chance to investigate deeper but I did see many gorgeous shoes in their window display and every single pair was at deep discount. If you still have money left over from Christmas, now would be a good time to drop in and see what they have.
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I will take a look during my lunch.

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The sale's not that good; most of the men's shoes are less than 60% off. Also, the markup is so high to begin with, that even with the discount, the shoes aren't that great of a value (i.e. Hugo Boss shoes 'on sale' for $300).
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I pass by the store all the time but none of their products ever catch my attention.

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OK. I just came back from there. Most of the shoes on sales and in my size (8.5) are Davids own brand shoes and not that interesting for me. I also noticed that Holt Renfrew is having up to 60% sales. I assume Harry Rosen is probably having similar sales as well.

Anyway, appreciate Man of Lint for the alert.

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I would agree that it is a rarity to find good deals on decent shoes in Toronto. I hope this benefits someone somewhere. I have purchased the DAVIDS house brand in the past on sale and was satisfied. Unless their window display was misleading, there seem to be many other manufacturers also on sale. Thank you for the updates everyone.
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The best brand that I think they carry is Cazoleria Harris, but from what I've seen so far, the discount on that brand has only been about 25-30% so you're looking at about $400-450.
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Can anyone speak to the quality of Boss footwear? I had a Boss suit that was a huge waste of money. The pants ripped. It generally looked like crap after a few months. But I also have a Boss overcoat which seems to be holding up well and gets me complements literally every time I wear it.


Harry Rosen is having a sale on footwear.


Nothing jumps out at me, other than these atrocities which are still $600:


Apologies to the member who has them.

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Is there a Toronto Sales Alert thread, like the Manhattan sales alert thread?


There should be. I searched for one, but I couldn't find it.

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Guys, check this PSA out:
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