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Originally Posted by wonsmithr8 View Post

The straights are baggy? I've got slims and the thighs are pretty tight and I'm hoping it stretches just a little bit but then again I have the size 29s

Yeah, I think it depends on your waist. My friend has a 29 slim, and they are much slimmer through the leg than the 31slim is. But the slims are by no means a "skinny" cut. Baggy might not be the right word for the straights because they aren't anti-fit in the top block, they are just way too voluminous at the bottom. Which is totally a lot of guys preference, of course.
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Hi Everyone,


We just started an affiliate thread for Gustin here:


Happy to answer all questions. 





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Here's some pictures.



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After about 6 months, I soaked my Slim fit, Heavy Americans and they've now become ball crushers...:crazy:

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Trigger dont post story like that with no pics
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I had some reservations at first, but I've actually discovered that I really like the fit of the slims. They are definitely a slim fit, but they have just enough material/give in the right places that they don't restrict movement at the hips. I forgot my gym clothes, and was able to go rock climbing in mine.

I am a bit worried about the reports of them shrinking, because I got mine shortened, and could really only lose 1" max on the inseam before they look kinda funny.
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Anyone in the Bay Are who is interested in meeting the guys from Gustin at a hosted event for Styelforum members is invited to come to our next San Francisco meetup on November 7th. Here is a link to the details.

EVERYONE IS INVITED! Especially new faces. Come on out and join us.
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Originally Posted by crosswound View Post

Trigger dont post story like that with no pics

:uhoh:Sorry, I feel a bit awkward posting spics of my man bulge on the interwebz...

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Just got my Heavy Americans in the mail about four days ago.


I'm a 32x34 in Levi 501s (not STF) and I went with a 33 Slim. I chose this based on the measurements from my current favorite jeans.

I know I'm supposed to size down but I had a bad experience with my first pair (Nudie Average Joe DDOs) going too small.


I love the quality and feel of the denim and after about two full days of wear they have broken in quite nicely. Hopefully they don't get too loose.


I'll be sure to drop updates on how they wear.

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Originally Posted by spacemanvt View Post

has anyone ever returned jeans for a diff size?
... i wanna order but dont want to be stuck with a wrong size.
Yes. They will do their best to credit you. Sometimes they have your size in what your ordered. If not, they will let you know what else is available.
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I can also clarify how we handle exchanges. We know finding the right size in a new brand is really important. If you're domestic, we look for a similar style to swap for right away. Given that we hold very little inventory a swap may not be possible, so we'd give you a store credit so you can back a new style in the right size. For international orders we offer a store credit.

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heres some stuff i found regarding loopwheeling, more can be found out at:

Quote Originally Posted by mikecch
so far I've found the loopwheeled stuff to have a softer, heavier hand.
The surface also remains smoother, with less pilling, after wash & wear.
I guess to put it simply, loop-wheeled sweats and Ts age much more gracefully (& slowly) IMO.


Quote Originally Posted by kiya
Loopwheeled fabric is NOT the same as a seamless tube fabric.
about 75% of brands that say their fabric is "loopwheeled" are either flat out lying or don't know what loopwheeling is.
The machine itself is quite rare, extremely slow, and is finicky in the way it works. True loopwheeled fabric is extremely strong, soft, and can be very very heavy.


Quote Originally Posted by FOXY
in the context of "loopwheeled" knits it is almost impossible to tell the difference for non-experts. more important is the rarity and in-efficiency of the machines.


Quote Originally Posted by whatever123
200 machines left in world, yeah, id say they would be extremely valuable to those in need of one [a loopwheel machine].[/I]


Flat Head seems to own a chunk of whats left of those rare machines



also, heres a short video on a collab between loopwheeler x nike


loopwheeled t-shirt and sweatshirts seem to go for a absurd $200+ via Flat Head


just a little research ive done, please add anything i've missed

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Any info on how frequently they cycle in new campaigns? Looking to jump into the Gustin waters (or jeans lol), but the current offerings aren't blowing me away as some of the previous campaigns have done.


Also, is there any way to get a sneak peek as to what future offerings will be? 


Thanks for any and all assistance!

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It's about every 4 days or so.
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Cool, thanks!


I'm really hoping they bring those gray silks back...extremely interesting design in my opinion.


Does anyone have any experience with them?

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