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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

I'm curious.. how does the sizing work?
You pick your size when you submit payment for $81?
Then what happens when the measurements of the jeans don't match the size charts they provided (which happens over half the time after going into production)?
You can't exchange the jeans you just bought because you bought a product that doesn't even exist yet?

The jeans can't not-fit yet then either. wink.gif
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Another heads-up:


We’re finally releasing this beast of a fabric today. You can see all the details at our denims page. We’ll toss out 75 pair at 8am, and 75 pair 8pm PST. Don’t worry - there’s more to follow later if those sell out. The price on this pair will be $99. We’ll probably sell this one for a little more after Kickstarter (because the fabric is ridiculously expensive), but we’re keeping it low for now.


You’re probably thinking about the huge response we have received and wondering how we will deliver? Sticking to the delivery schedule is our highest priority. This is where our years of experience making premium denim with the same amazing mills and sewers really comes into play. We’ve been around the horn, as they say. We are making commitments on materials ahead of our campaign close to be even more certain we keep our schedule. As we speak, fabric is in trucks towards San Francisco, and buttons are being produced. We continue to be in daily contact with our entire network to ensure we nail this for you!"
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Signed up for a pair of the 18 ounce, I'll try to make a classic straight fit for that denim.
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I am meeting the Gustin guys tonight for a drink and to see their samples. I will post about it tomorrow or Friday.
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Nice! I look forward to hearing about it.
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Drinks with the Gustin Guys

Following up on Gustin Jeans and their project on Kickstarter I met Josh Gustin and business partner Stephen Powell on Wednesday. Josh was nursing a small batch bourbon while Stephen was enjoying a beer. These two likeable guys were quiet, happy and a bit numb…and, understandably so. That day Gustin Jeans had just become the second most successful men’s fashion project in Kickstarter history. “We have hardly slept for weeks. It has been so busy and exciting that we barely eat”, said Josh, who founded Gustin six years ago. “And, we also have our day jobs to do,’ added Stephen with a smile. ( You can read about their Kickstarter project at )
Josh and Stephen combined their skills six months ago to re-launch the Gustin jeans brand. After several frustrating years of traditional retail distribution, Josh decided he needed to find a new approach to reach his customers. The plan was to go direct, be efficient and pass the savings along to the consumer. The two believe that people are willing to pre-order quality, USA made jeans in exchange for a significant savings. They have begun by using Kickstarter and then plan to go direct to consumers through their own website.
It has been nothing short of a wild ride since day one of the Kickstarter launch. Numerous blogs, including, and others picked up on the story of “Made in San Francisco, $205 jeans for $81” and supporters began signing up. There have been articles, radio interviews and numerous offers from venture capital groups seeking new platforms into fashion. As of Saturday, Gustin had 3,469 backers who pledged $358,350 and there are still 5 days to go.
To keep the momentum going and because of growing demand Justin and Stephen hopped in their car, drove to Los Angeles and spent the day combing over rare and unusual denim. Their goal was to bring back distinctive fabrics to offer variations on their “Regular” which is made of US Cone Mills denim. Josh reached into his messenger bag to show me samples. With a smile he said, “This is what it is all about….to work with incredible denim”.
In the last few weeks Gustin has also offered, in addition to their regular Cone Mills denim, very limited runs of Japanese raw dark indigo, black, white line selvedge, a slub textured denim, charcoal, 18oz Japanese heavy, a natural indigo, and many more. Although most of these are now sold out, but be sure and follow their web site for announcements of new releases. They have plenty more special release denim to come.
Recently on fashion and denim forums a number of people have asked about returns if someone wants a different size. When I posed this question to Stephen he said,” We’re not going to officially allow returns. Kickstarter makes that impossible, but we’ll do our best to facilitate swapping of sizes if there’s an issue. After Kickstarter we’ll absolutely allow this. We want people to be happy and to become return customers.”
Gustin is, without question a remarkable Kickstarter success story. Thousands have enthusiastically embraced the project by signing up. Will consumers continue to pre-order and pre-pay for quality denim in exchange for a significant discount? They have for discounts on hotels, airfare and other services, so why not jeans? And, Gustin is ready.
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I'm going to wait until they sell these jeans outside of kickstarter.. Their special denims sell in such limited numbers.

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Originally Posted by cfrp View Post

I'm going to wait until they sell these jeans outside of kickstarter.. Their special denims sell in such limited numbers.

There are 981 heavy 15 oz Japanese made denim on Kickstarter right now for $81.

I just changed my pledge this morning from a Standard 12.5oz Cone to The International. The International has 1 pair of 14.75 oz Cone and 1 pair of 15oz Japanese denim and that works out to $75 a pair.

I changed because I can get an actual size 35 waist (on a size 34) and a 36 inseam. That is an almost impossible combination for me to get with premium Japanese brands which skip a true 35 and usually have a 34 inseam. In premium denim I am limited to a jean that is too tight at 34 or too baggy at 36. This also gives me my 35+ inseam.

I actually got to see and feel both of these denims when I met the guys last week. Make no mistake, their special denims are drool worthy premium stuff. They came back from their supplier in LA with a lot of killer Japanese denim for future releases.
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Some of their other limited edition denims have become available as people change their minds, so if you want anything in particular it's worth taking a 2nd look. I almost ordered a pair of the Super Heavys before deciding I wasn't that brave and sticking with the Japan Standards.
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I wish the smaller waists had a 36" inseam as well. I can live with a 34", but it's not my preference.
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just placed an order... i still got three pairs of ironhearts in rotation.. =[

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Originally Posted by srsbusiness View Post

just placed an order... i still got three pairs of ironhearts in rotation.. =[

Size 33 by any chance? lol
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A couple more limited just popped, several have openings now.
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any word on when they're setting up an "outside of kickstarter store"?


also, black denim?  i got a pair of n&f that i haven't even started destroying yet, so i'd like a black pair to have in a rotation.

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Any idea how the fit is compared to the Uniqlo raw denim jeans? I know the Uniqlo stretches quite a bit. I think I want to go for THE STANDARD. I am not well versed in denim. Thank you.
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