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Tailor for suits Alteration in Sydney

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Hello everyone,


Joined the forum yesterday and this is the first question I post.


I bought two OTR suits from MJ Bale in Sydney during the X'mas /  NY special for 2 suits for a grand. The material feels good and I have been told they are all 100% Australian Marina wool. I paid another $100 for the extra trouser  for each suit so 4 in total.


Two suits are the exact same cut. As you would expect the fit isn't perfect and there are a couple of adjustments to be made to make it look smart on me. I have paid MJ Bale to make some really minor adjustments such as take in the back shoulder a tiny bit and shorten the length of the trousers. To my surprise they have done a really bad job as all the length were way too long when I pick up the suits. They kept rushing me out (maybe because it was 5:15 pm on Sunday) and assured me the measures of all 4 pants would be identical. I regret I didn't try them all on in the shops because I later discovered back home some trousers are longer than others... Also as mentioned I need more alterations to make to suit fit me better, things like:


- the width of the trousers are a bit to wide so I need to take in a bit

- Trousers need to be shorten again!!

- the length of the jacket is too long

- the jacket can be further slim in the waist area 


I think the cut is a Italian style, with minimal padding on the shoulder. I prefer a slim style suits. Both suits are mainly for work purpose.


So here are some of the questions I have. I would appreciate some input and comment:

- How's the quality of MJ Bale suits? What people think of their cloth material? they claimed they are 100% Australian Marina wool. They don't tell you if they are super 120 or something like that, just 100% wool...

- Most importantly, can someone recommend me a good tailor that can do a good job on suit alteration in Sydney without charging too much. I really don't know how much I should expect to pay for jobs described above.

- Should I just take it to the alteration place in some major shopping centre? I am close to "Looksmart" in Chatswood Chase.


I know this question has been asked in the past a couple of times but based on what I have searched some of the replies were quite dated. Some updated advice would be great!


Thanks again and cheers

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I just bought my second MJ Bale suit. For $500 it's hard to beat.

And I am in the same boat alterations wise. Be careful of alterations shops. You need a tailor. I've had suits butchered at the cheaper places.

I am going to try this guy next week. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Do you mean for the suit or the alterations?
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I dropped my suit in to M&R today. Mr. Haddad really seemed to know his stuff. He immediately saw how one of my shoulders drops and how to fix it without resorting to padding.
$230 for a fair bit of work (cuff trousers, shorten sleeve, balance back, fix shoulder, take in sides). Pick up in a week. I'll check back in then.
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I've heard good things about his alteration service. I think you're in good hands.
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Unfortunately I have yet to find a good place for alterations on the lower north shore, especially Chatswood. Stay away!

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You'll need to head into the city to find some good places.
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I got my suit back from M&R. Very happy and would recommend without hesitation. But it's a winter suit so I'm going to have to wait a few months. I will try to get round to posting a fit pic though.
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