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I generally really love the FW collections from Miharayasuhiro. His fall 2012 was one of my favorites of that whole season. This one I thought was not his best. The sleazy gangster thing was a little too overt for me. It's a tough brand for me to get excited about anymore because it's hard to find any to look at in person.
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Originally Posted by JilSlander View Post

What's everybody's thoughts on MIHARAYASUHIRO FW13?

Yakuza wear = not too bad, actually.

love your username!
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I wish people would look past the wacky chest bar thing and the prints because this was Raf's best collection in a while

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^ Was Raf or Slimane the first to do the overly-long dress shirt sleeve thing to signify boyhood, or whatever? I've noticed they've both done it in various collections.



Also both of their youth obsessions weird me out

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What do you mean by that exactly ?

The Raf collections c. 2000-2005 had some variations with sweaters and knits etc, not so much with shirts though, it looked less calculated than in the above pics because most of the tops and coats were oversized.
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Maybe it's not as much of a parallel as I thought, then.  Slimane had this thing for certain seasons where it looked as though his models were wearing their dad's dress shirt under an ultra-slim blazer.  I always thought it was pretty cool, if a little overt.


Here's Jogu from SZ doing the same thing:

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I was really feeling both Raf and Prada this season. Similar vibes, I think.
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I initially thought about Prada too, although I think it's mostly because of the color palette + prints + turtlenecks.

KJ, I was referring to the youth obsession thing. Yeah, I see what you mean about the sleeves, first images that comes to mind are the long sweaters from spring 2002
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Bumping for NY collections.

Did anyone watch the Plokhov collection video? it's ... hm.

I uploaded it on Dropbox, so check it out.

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The presentation is weird and way too dramatic for my tastes, but the clothes look nice. They're not really visible enough. The shoes look really cool.
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Thread title doesn't list New York ( angry.gif ) but figured i would post anyway. The Siki Im show was yesterday. You can find the show easily enough so I won't post the looks here, but there was also a finale that most sites don't bother including where you could see what was under the outerwear and shawls. Aprons!

good pictures of collection at these sources. first one also has good pics of finale

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here are my fave pieces

pants look so comfy. asym collar vest!! cashmere shawl looks so luxe. topcoat!

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siki im was by far my favourite show of ny

hopefully suspension point will be stocking it still nod[1].gif

the aprons remind remind of the ones raf did a few years back (one of which i own foo.gif )
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