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Certainly no jeans. I'd say you have two options:
1: Navy jacket, grey trousers, white or light blue shirt, possibly with a stripe, neutral neat or reppe tie.
2: Navy or charcoal grey suit, the rest as above.
Black, decent shoes. If I were interviewing, any square-toed shoe would be an instant rejection.

"Instant rejection"? That really is totally wrong. Simply because a candidate does not measure up to your ideas of dress, you do you employer a grave injustice - I wonder how many other prejudices you have, consciously or otherwise? Your objective is to find the best person for the job, none other.

It is to be hoped that the OP does not come up against this approach.
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Cambell is right, where the interview is happening is probably your best cue as to how you ought to dress; if you have other interviews, they might not {probably won't) all be in a professional environment. Two of my interviews were at starbucks and, if I remember correctly, I just wore chinos, an ocbd and a sweater. One of the interviews I had was at a consulting firm, though, and I ended up wearing a suit to it. 

But again, don't stress so much about what to wear. Put some time into coming up with thoughtful questions to ask about the school and develop your reasons for wanting to go there.


Also, while square-toed dress shoes aren't especially attractive, I can't imagine that they'd bar you from a university. 

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