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Newbie needs help for rehearsal dinner

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I'm getting married in six weeks and am trying to put together a nice outfit for my rehearsal dinner. I'm usually a motorcycle jacket, jeans, and Frye harness boots type of guy but our wedding is relatively formal so I'd like to dress up a bit for the rehearsal dinner. I need a quick thumbs up or down for the following type of outfit (I'm in the USA but used for research so these are all UK versions):








I have a white Banana Republic button-down, brown belt, and a few different watches but unfortunately none with brown leather band. I'd like to find a bit darker grey pants, and maybe not corduroy. Note that these aren't exact items, just a general idea of the outfit colors. I'm 5' 10" 195 lbs. Any thoughts?

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Ok before I drop this, can anyone tell me if the pants and shoes could go together (color-wise)?

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Try posting here (warning: everyone is going to tell you to wear a suit and tie instead):
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I know I'm new here, but nobody is going to be looking at you.  This is not *your* wedding, you are an accessory to your wife, and a minor one at that.  This is *her* wedding.


That being said, you could probably wear your motorcycle helmet and nobody would notice.  But kudos to you for stepping up and trying to make a good impression with the bridal party.  I'm sure your bride to be appreciates that.


I think brown belt and grey pants are going to look a little odd with the brown shoes.  Nobody ever got criticized for wearing Khaki.  You could pick up a pair of plain-front Khaki trousers or a pair of nicer jeans... Lucky brand maybe?


My only fear is that the outfit, in its current state, kind of looks like what you would find on a middle-aged car salesman who's dealership has gone dress casual for the winter.  All that's missing is the dealership logo on the sweater.

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The definitely do. Brown and grey go exceptionally well together!

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Put on a blazer that should add some style to that combination.

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