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Borrelli suits

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I've been told by a hopefully reputable salesman that Filenes Basement Boston is getting in a shipment of Borrelli suits on Sunday. He doesn't know the prices but he said they'd be "up to $1200," which I hope means that some of them are around $1000. Not sure, but this could be a really screaming deal.
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Not sure, but this could be a really screaming deal.
Whoa. Over here, they're anywhere from AU$4500 to AU$6000 - which is US$3200 to US$4200, or thereabouts.
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$1000-1200 is a great deal. Not good enough to make any cash off ebay, but good enough that I would ask you to inform me if there are any very nice 48R's
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HRHAndrew, I'll be heading down there on Sunday, or Monday at the very latest. I'll pass you on a PM to let you know (1) whether the information was correct, and (2) whether there is some nice stuff in a 48. Perhaps I could help you out if you really want to purchase.
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