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Hi guys,

I started a facebook page in which I put together illustrations (been using mostly Fellows, up to now) and tiny fictionnal texts. It's called Chapstown and will show a new post daily.
My goal is to have fun and practice with some narrative tools.
Visit the page and like it, if you please. It might just be your cup of tea... or not.!/Chapstown

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Here's the inaugural post:

Hunting season is open in Chapstown.
- Go and get us some much needed likes, gentlemen - the Prefect shouts, clearly inebriated but unaware, unlike the others, of what Miss Lott had reserved for the day.
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and the latest:

Returning from the pub, the Pomeroy brothers glimpsed their dog Porter driving around in the automobile.
Having noticed how curious the animal lately was about the airplane, they immediately decided to either stop taking those pills or to take them all, so that the dog could get none.

watch Porter's video here: — in Chapstown.

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my last post in this thread, with today's episode:

Being Miss Lott still asleep, undoubtedly exhausted by the legendary exuberance of the Mumby male, Christian looked for a dictionary curious about the only marked memory from yesterday's misty night, the word penectomy.
Instead, he grabbed the phone book resolved to call Pearse Pomeroy asking for more pills.

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