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What he said!
Originally Posted by add911_11 View Post

You seem to confuse good taste and flashy, good taste are good virtues and standards for everyone. Flashy is being the sore thumb with poor taste.
A camel overcoat is a classic item, most man and women, regardless of their wealth, will agreed on this. I don't believe something not ordinary will inherent a flashy badge.
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Originally Posted by harvey_birdman View Post

I have a charcoal and a camel hair overcoat. I prefer the camel and find I wear it more often.

Originally Posted by GBR View Post

Inappropriate in your circumstances and certainly not likely to foster trust.

Stick with charcoal or navy blue.

I think harvey is in a relativly small town and in a position that requires people to trust him, so I would take his position on this as relevant to you, but there is also the element that you make your living off of people trusting you in a relatvily un-sophisticated enviroment, and do you feel comfortable with this "Statement".

as for me - I'd love a camel coat. I have a tabbacco colored cashmere as well as charcoal and dark blue coats, and the next one I get will be alpaca. maybe one day I'll justify a camel.
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English villains have been wearing camel overcoats since at least the 50s. Nuffink wrong wiv lookin' a little bit Harry Dash, my son. Just make sure you get one with a large enough pocket for your sawn-off..
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Is a camel overcoat too flashy? NO
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You could try a darker camel. Either way, a camel coat is a classic, and it stands out no more/less than say, a double breasted suit.
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This is something I've often wondered as well.


I also have a related question - can you wear a camel overcoat with black shoes?  I've always thought brown shoes looked better with a camel overcoat, but this makes it even more flashy.

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Insofar as "flash" is concerned, a camel's hair polo coat is certainly an eyeful, due the lightness of color, but is not "flashy" as such. However, such a light-colored garment is prone to needing more dry cleaning, and one of such soft material would not be, with constant use, be as durable as a wool overcoat in a darker color.

For the record, I have a double-breasted camel's hair overcoat, and it is the warmest of all of my overcoats, and for the record, I wear it with either black or brown shoes, depending on the suit that's underneath it.
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If you are 60+ years old then you can wear camel without raising eyebrows. Why not get Navy or Charcoal. Navy coat looks great in any settings.
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I'd certainly rock a well-fitted camel coat. I think they look great, and I've been coveting one for a while.

Again, just like everyone else, I'd rather stick with charcoal, navy, or black as a 1st coat though.
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Originally Posted by AlexE View Post

Is a camel overcoat too flashy? NO

I agree, camel polo coat hanging out in Astros Diner in New York City...

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Go for navy.

On the other hand, I have a brown wooly alpaca overcoat....
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