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Is a camel overcoat too flashy?

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Hi all,


been lurking for ages - never actually signed or posted.


Quick profile - I'm in my twenties and own and operate a private wealth management & financial planning boutique in Eastern Canada. My office is outside of a small city where suits are seldom worn. Iam 6 feet tall, athletic build, strong posture, fair caucasian complexion.


I have a built a nice tailored, full-canvassed, premium suit wardrobe over the last few years. I find that I am lacking on the fall and winter outerwear, however. I need something new.


I really like the look of camel wool/cashmere overcoats but it's not something I've really seen too much around these parts - seems like everybody wears black. I do not want to give the impression that I'm trying to be overly flashy.


Would camel be too bold for someone that wants to keep a conservative/trust image?


Reading back, sounds like a really stupid question - but I value my reputation and in my field of work images and reputations matter. My suit wardrobe as all conservative colors, though precisely tailored. My shirts and ties are never bright or obnoxious - lots of light colored shirts and dark, conservative ties.


Does camel come off as somewhat flamboyant?


I value your opinions - thanks!



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To play it safe you should probably go with navy or charcoal. Still much better than the ubiquitous black anyway. And you can always get an interesting shade of navy or a nice herringbone in the charcoal. I have a camel hair overcoat from O'Connell's and find that it stands out even in London (England, not Ontario).
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Camel is a classic color for an overcoat. The camel polo coat is as classic as they come and is one of my favorite looks. If the rest of your outfit is understated and tasteful, I wouldn't sweat it. It'll stand out, but it's in good taste, and the fact that your suit actually fits already makes you stand out smile.gif

Edit: If it's your only overcoat, it may not be the best thing. I'd definitely only get one after I had a navy or charcoal overcoat.
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^ What this guy said. Camel coat is on my hit list of things to get. It's a classic.
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I'd go with a classic polo overcoat in camel hair (or camel hair/wool blend for added resilience). It's timeless and elegant.
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Thank you gents - I do have a single black cashmere overcoat that I bought several years ago before I really had any idea what proper tailoring meant. It's a high quality garment but it is just too big around the waist. I will see if I can get it tailored to become at least close to my size - lol.


I may get a camel and a charcoal overcoat - perhaps the camel in SB and the charcoal in DB to keep things fresh?


Thanks for the comments!

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love my camelhair overcoat, but if you're only getting one, charcoal may be more versatile.
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I have a charcoal and a camel hair overcoat. I prefer the camel and find I wear it more often.
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Camel top coats are very nice, but as others have posted, they make better second or third coats. I would put charcoal first, trench coat second and camel third. The other issue is camel coats show dirt fairly quickly and are not the best choice for travel or wet/snowy weather.
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If you go camel, get a proper polo coat.

For a standard overcoat I'd go navy or charcoal or even a subtle glen plaid before camel.
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Inappropriate in your circumstances and certainly not likely to foster trust.

Stick with charcoal or navy blue.
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Camel overcoats are most effective in high quality cashmere, at which point they look very classic but very flashy as well.
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As someone else who dresses to conform, I would say if you are concerned it may be too flashy, it probably is. Perhaps for evening or social occasions, but not for work? As always when trying to fit in, identify some people who are at the level to which you aspire and see how they dress. There must be wealth management types in their 40's with large successful practices. Would they wear camel hair? If so, then go for it. If not, then pass.

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You seem to confuse good taste and flashy, good taste are good virtues and standards for everyone. Flashy is being the sore thumb with poor taste.
A camel overcoat is a classic item, most man and women, regardless of their wealth, will agreed on this. I don't believe something not ordinary will inherent a flashy badge.
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Camel's as classy as it gets. My father wore one. 'nuff said. teacha.gif

Edit: For the record, my father's as classy as it gets too. Just saying.
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