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Attolini label?

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Recently purchased an Attolini suit off of eBay.  Fits perfectly and I love it. The only detail on the suit that seems weird is that the Attolini label on the inside of the jacket is not the zig-zag stitched one I've seen on other Attolini suits.  It has all the other details I expected, and I bought it from one of the recommended eBay sellers. Has anyone else seen this?  The label says Sartoria Attolini, but its smaller than the normal zig zag stiched ones. Need this alarm me?
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who did you buy from?
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Can you scan the label, Attolini uses a couple different ones.
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Its the white label that says Sartoria Attolini that is stitched inside the jacket. Any thoughts? I don't think its a problem, the other details on the jacket are beautiful, but I just wanted to make sure before I let the tailor go to work.
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That is legit, Attolini commonly uses two labels. The zig-zag stitched one that often contains the store logo, and a second smaller one like you posted. The second smaller ones are in both white and black.
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Thanks for the reply.  It's a beautiful suit and the best suit I've ever bought, so just wanted to make double sure.  The details are so nicely done, that I didn't think there was really any chance it was fake. E
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that seller is fine
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