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Originally Posted by LooksGood View Post

Because people might read the first post about how a $1000 watch is a poor man's watch and exit the thread.  why post in a thread you don't care for?  Tool.

I've gone through the majority of that thread and there are some seriously great value watches there. the person that started that thread was a little off the mark, yes, and he was given some feedback on that. I assure you, if you venture further into the thread there are fantastic examples from across the world. 


Your choices are great too, perhaps add your findings into the thread to share with others who will be on the same page as you and I (but not the thread starter of Poor Man's...)

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Originally Posted by DSElliot View Post

First time post... I found the forum because I'm interested in a pair of spectator shoes.  Four hours later, I'm still reading...

In my opinion, a man who is just starting out can get by on a shirt from Kohls and slacks from LLBean, but he can never, ever skimp on three important items:

#1. His shoes
#2. His belt
#3. His watch

A watch is probably the most important accessory a man can own.  People will always notice your watch.  

I remember how mortified I was when I saw President Bill Clinton wearing a Timex Ironman watch with his business suits.  Don't believe me?  Read about it here:

Yes, you can get a Timex Ironman watch for less than $50, but do you really want to look like that?

You also have to pair your watch with what you are wearing and your activities.  Stay away from leather straps, they eventually start to smell.  Go with metal straps or fabric such as NATO straps.  

If you can only own one affordable quality watch, go with a Luminox 1820, although that is about $200 over your price point. 

If you must stay under $200, the Dean Stainless Steel watch from Fossil in Smoke will look good with a suit, or jeans, or while jogging.  Fossil watch Link below.  Best of luck.

I don't think it's true at all that people notice watches. They only notice if there's something exceptional about it. It's exceptionally ugly. Or beautiful. Or it's blingy. Or a calculator watch. Or something like that. Assuming the watch fits and is appropriate for one's wardrobe, it's unlikely to get much notice at all.

I'm all for spending a few $$hundred on a watch, but anything more than a tasteful Seiko 5 is wasted on all but the wearer.
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Sekonda is a great brand that can usually be found for less than $100. Their watches are a great value, and their styling lookings more expensive than $75-$100. I own a few from various trips through the UK (only spot you can get them besides ebay), and I've received numerous compliments on them. I agree that a watch shouldn't be a cheap part of a man's wardrobe, but a man doesn't need to spend lots of cash to check that box. Find what style you like at a price point you are comfortable with.
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I don't login that often. Seiko makes some decent perpetual calendar watches that also sell for around $300 on Amazon. Hope you settled on one by now.
Originally Posted by LooksGood View Post

Oh, thanks that's a good point I did not know about.  Is it the same for Seiko?  Are there other brands that are just as good as Seiko and Citizen similarly priced(at various tiers)?
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Love my Invicta 8926OB. As a student I can't afford great stuff, and I only have quality clothes because of thrift shops. Invicta watches are rarely at the shops I visit, so Invicta was the way to go.
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