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For Sale: TIE MEGATHREAD! Regimentals, Knits, Wool, Emblematics. Ben Silver, NWT Brooks Brothers, Chipp, Rooster, Polo, more! FREE SHIPPING & OFFERS WELCOME!

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For Sale:
TIE MEGATHREAD! Regimentals, Knits, Wool, Emblematics. Ben Silver, NWT Brooks Brothers, Chipp, Rooster, Polo, more! FREE SHIPPING & OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have many, many ties to pass on; this is just the start! As always, FREE SHIPPING on everything within the CONUS; International inquiries are welcome, with shipping at cost.

Also as always, OFFERS ARE VERY WELCOME ON EVERYTHING, especially on two or more ties!


1) Ben Silver. Some minor memory in know area, hence just Very Good condition. $18.SOLD



2) Brooks Brothers. The classic stripe! Small watermark on lining at tip, invisible when worn,. hence just very Good condition and $12. SOLD

th_DSC00068.jpg th_DSC00069.jpg

3) PAUL STUART for Burke & Boswell. A beautiful tie in excellent condition. This was Made in Canada from Italian silk; the Paul Stuart insignia occurs on the lining at the tip. A beautiful tie in excellent condition. 3 5/8 $15.

th_DSC00066.jpg th_DSC00067.jpg

4) Ben Silver. Absolutely excellent condition. 3 1/2" $20.

th_DSC00065.jpg th_DSC00055.jpg

5) Miller White of Philadelphia. Made in England. Interior keeper tag is off on one end, otherwise excellent. 3 1/8" $12. SOLD

th_DSC00064.jpg th_DSC00056.jpg

6) Ben SIlver. Very minor memory in knot area, otherwise excellent. 3 1/4" $18. SOLD

th_DSC00063.jpg th_DSC00057.jpg

7) Ben Silver. Minor memory in knot area, otherwise excellent. 3 1/2" $22. SOLD

th_DSC00062.jpg th_DSC00058.jpg

8) Chipp--yes, a GRAIL tie, a silk Chipp! This has no keeper, which might be missing. Made from English silk. Very Good/Excellent condition. $18. SOLD

th_DSC00061.jpg th_DSC00059.jpg

9) Unknown Regimental. No keeper, but it does not appear missing. Excellent. $12. SOLD


10) Scappino, of Italy. Made for Princeton University Store; label identifying this is off one one side. Very Good/Excellent condition. Excellent condition. 3 3/4" $10.

th_DSC00053.jpg th_DSC00054.jpg


1) Pedigree. Brown knit. All wool. Excellent condition. $9.

th_DSC00074.jpg th_DSC00075.jpg

2) Rooster Cottonknit. Burnt orange. A lovely tie! Excellent condition. $12.

th_DSC00076.jpg th_DSC00077.jpg

3) Private Club. ALl wool, made in the USA. A beautiful forest green tie. $12. SOLD

th_DSC00079.jpg th_DSC00078.jpg

4) Rufflerknit by Rooster. 60/40 wool/mohair. A beautiful dark red tie! Excellent condition. $13.

th_DSC00081.jpg th_DSC00080.jpg

5) RARE houndstooth tie by Rooster. Very Good condition. $10

th_DSC00083.jpg th_DSC00082.jpg

6) Rooster striped tie. Almost certainly all wool. Very Good condition. $10.

th_DSC00085.jpg th_DSC00084.jpg

7) Rooster. A beautiful petrol blue tie--utterly 1960s, and skinny! Excellent condition $10.

th_DSC00086.jpg th_DSC00087.jpg

8) Rooster "Pips" tie. All wool, a lovely skinny brown tie form the 1960s! Excellent. $8.


9) Rooster. A lovely dark mossy green; all wool, made in USA, skinny. Very Good condition. $8.


10) BEAUTIFUL damson purple tie. Unknown maker; likely cotton. $9.




1) Bert Pulitzer. Wool with embroidered ducks. Small snag hole on front, hence $5 (for shipping) or FREE with two other ties! 3 1/4" SOLD

th_DSC00125.jpg th_DSC00126.jpg th_DSC00127.jpg th_DSC00128.jpg

2) BEAUTIFUL vintage Paul Stuart in wool challis, woven in England. Missing its keeper, hence just Very Good condition. 3". $15 SOLD

th_DSC00123.jpg th_DSC00120.jpg

3) Botany Ties. A beautiful vibrant vintage wool tie. Excellent condition. 2 1/2". $12 SOLD

th_DSC00119.jpg th_DSC00118.jpg

4) Old-School JAB RARE wool emblematic; horses heads and stirrups. Excellent condition, and a really wonderful prep/Ivy classic! $18.

th_DSC00117.jpg th_DSC00116.jpg

5) Breeches plaid tie. Lambswool woven in Scotland. Excellent condition, and very soft. $12.

th_DSC00115.jpg th_DSC00114.jpg

6) Polo wool/silk blend. Excellent condition. A beautiful tie, dating from when Polo was doing things right. $14. SOLD

th_DSC00113.jpg th_DSC00112.jpg

7) Austin Reed. A lovely basic wool tie. Excellent condition. 3" $10 SOLD

th_DSC00111.jpg th_DSC00110.jpg

8) NWT Brooks Brothers houndstooth wool tie. Absolutely beautiful! $20.SOLD

th_DSC00108.jpg th_DSC00107.jpg th_DSC00106.jpg

9) GORGEOUS vintage wool challis tie. This dates from when wool challis was still HAND BLOCKED, and so is a true work of art. This does have a couple of snag holes on the back end, unseen when worn, hence just Very Good condition. This is beautiful! Asking just $16. SOLD

th_DSC00103.jpg th_DSC00104.jpg th_DSC00105.jpg


These have all been listed before, and appear here with price drops!


J. Press, Brooks Brothers, Chipp, and more![/CENTER][/B]

1) Chipp. Bah Humbug! Tie. SILK. Silk Chipp humor ties have recently fetched over $245 on eBay, and should not be confused with the more common polyester versions. This one is in Good/very Good condition--rumpled from storage, but nothing a good steam wouldn't fix. $200 + is insane, frankly, so how about $15, or offer?

th_scarvesties025-Copy2.jpg th_scarvesties026-Copy-Copy.jpg

2) Professions emblematic. Polyester. Excellent condition $6.

th_scarvesties033-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties034-Copy.jpg

3) A Heraldic Squirrel, Rampant? Silk blend, excellent condition, and a terrific emblematic! $12, or offer.

th_scarvesties042-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties043-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties044-Copy.jpg

4) Harvard heraldic tie. From the Harvard Coop, of course! Excellent condition. Asking $12, or offer.

th_scarvesties046-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties045-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties047-Copy.jpg

5) Aztec Warrior? Givency Monsieur. Silk blend. A great, unusual emblematic! Excellent condition. $12, or offer.

th_scarvesties047-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties049-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties050-Copy.jpg

6) Polo riding emblematic, dating from Polo was good! All silk. Excellent codnition. $12, or offer.

th_scarvesties051-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties052-Copy.jpg

7) ALMOST CERTAINLY a 1976 commemorative emblematic, featuring the Liberty Bell, a Minuteman, and the 1776 flag. Polyester. The perfect gift for your Patriot! Excellent condition. Asking just $10.

th_scarvesties054-Copy.jpg th_scarvesties053.jpg

8) Sailboat tie. Daddy, do you own a yacht? SIlk blend, excellent condition. Just $6!

th_scarvesties060.jpg th_scarvesties061.jpg

9) Bert Pulitzer; flying ducks. Wool. Very good condition. $12, or offer.

th_scarvesties067.jpg th_scarvesties068.jpg

10) New Jersey Governor's Club. Apparently issued only to current and former NJ Governors.... hence very rare! Must love corruption to wear this. Honey bee emblematic, symbolising how sweet it is to be on the public payroll in New Jersey. All silk. I have a note to myself that there's a watermark on this but I can't find it... the flaws are well hidden, which is rather apt. So, FREE with another tie, or else $5 on its own! SOLD

th_scarvesties069.jpg th_scarvesties070.jpg

11) Trimingham's of Bermuda emblematic. A trad summer classic! Asking just $6, or offer.

th_scarvesties078.jpg th_scarvesties079.jpg


1) Santa on his sleigh, pulled by reindeer. A really lovely tie! All silk. Very Good condition. $9.

th_seasonaleties021.jpg th_seasonaleties022.jpg

2) Tango. Tree ornaments. NWT from Bloomingdale's. $8.

th_seasonaleties023.jpg th_seasonaleties024.jpg

3) Neiman Marcus; Santa with a "NM" sack! Excellent condition. Poly/silk. Rare! $8 SOLD

th_seasonaleties029.jpg th_seasonaleties030.jpg
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