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Hat Habits

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This is a little different from the usual thread and asks questions that don't seem to be answered anywhere.

Do you wear hats? If so, how often? If regularly, is it a rotation of hats or just one hat? Some stylistic consistency and seasonal variation are assumed.

How often do you clean your hats?
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I wear a black on black wool Fedora. Usually only when I'm dressing up more than everyday, and since I live in Florida definitely not in the summer. Other than that, I'm not much of a hat wearer. I mm looking into some different Fedoras and styles though, as I do appreciate the little bit of flair it adds to a look.  

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Every day when I am out in the elements, which is three times a day walking the dog. I have perhaps 20 hats, some of which I wear with great frequency, others much less often. For awhile, I tried pairing a fedora or homburg with business attire, but I eventually decided it was just too costume-like unless weather conditions warranted it.
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Hi there, I'm a new addition to this forum but a men's wear enthusiast who happens to run the Goorin Bros. Hat Shop in Brooklyn. Having worked for Goorin for a couple years now, I certainly am immersed in hat culture in terms of wearing a hat every time I walk out the door.

I think you if you go to a shop that has a truly wide range of styles where you can try on different shapes and see what you feel comfortable in, then you will find wearing a hat everyday much 'easier'. If you're not comfortable in it, you'll never wear it, and for this reason I feel the beginner should go to a shop in person before shopping online.

I definitely believe in owning multiple hats for different occasions(much as we do with shoes) and think a nice fedora to go with a classic ivy is a great way to start your collection.

As for cleaning, it depends what we're talking about. A hat box is the easiest way to protect any wools or felts from lint & dust, which is 90% of the cleaning I see needed in hats worn on the street. A hat brush is preferable to a lint roller as the latter can pull the wool over time.
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I have three hats, and wear them when I feel like it, on occasions where I think I won't look out of place. Make no mistake, I like my hats and am confident enough to wear them, but sometimes, you just have to blend in.

Lock & Co brown trilby (Sandowne)
Sisal Panama
Optimo Panama
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I own about 10 hats. 2 summer type hats, 2 winter type hats, and the remaining 6 more of a fall/spring weight. All of them are fedoras, mostly vintage from the 50s. I use a small hat brush to clean them whenever they look a bit dirty. I'm proud to say I wear a hat every single day. I'm in my late 30s.
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I wear hats all summer Down Under. If you don't you are asking for trouble. This season I am preferring Milan straws to Panamas yet I bought a Sri Lankan made Panama style straw on sale this week at RM Williams.

Winter time I occasionally do but outside of the Outback you don't see a lot of hats worn in the city like fedoras. But now there are a lot of stingies and Akubras have started making a lot of styles that are outside of the usual rural styles.

If I lived in the American northern winter I suspect I would wear one all winter long just for protection reasons alone.
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Rollable "Nomad" from Lock Co. keeps me dry and warm during the major part of the year here in Sweden. More form than function. Goes well with my Beaufort, Conistons and a par of jeans.

Hardly anyone wears hats around here - if they do, it's mostly MLP-dudes or hillbillies. Being in my early 20's, I hesitated for a while but bought it when winter hit hard.

Brush it when it gets dirty, shrug the snow/rain off it, mostly keep it in the hat shape.
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I only own a cheap brown herringbone flat cap. UnfortunateIy life in so cal doesn't give me too many opportunities to don it. However, when I studied abroad in Oxford last fall I I wore it nearly everyday. I'll probably upgrade it in the future to something of the same style but made with nicer materials and better construction.

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I have a grey Fedora, Navy blue Homburg, and a summer Pan Fedora.

When I am in UK, not going to town merely for food shopping, Fedora for suiting, Homburg if overcoat are worn, summer hat is always worn in HK summer regardless of outfit.
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I have about 20 hats also which serve all seasons. I also have a few beater hats I wear on my trips to the store or for inclement weather (from rain to heatwaves). I rotate my good hats and they are still virtually new. The beaters, well they are beaters so they get abused (or sweat in).
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Thanks for the responses.

Cleaning actually refers mostly to the interior of the hat, its hygiene.
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I'll don a fedora when it rains, otherwise, it's just too uncommon to not look out of place with one.
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I own quite a few hats but I only really wear two or three of them through the entire year. The one I usually wear in public but not to work is an Akubra Stylemaster. I'm considering getting a pork pie just to wear to work because my Akubra is a little too beat up to look good in a workplace setting. Generally, I only wear my fur felts during the fall through mid-spring. A fur felt is just too heavy for me during the summer but I'll switch to them if it's raining. I usually wear one of my cheaper straws but I might break out my more expensive and lighter Montecristi if it's not for long. I brush my fur felts occasionally and I only, finally, took one of my hats to a hatter to get the interior lining and sweat band replaced and the outside of the hat cleaned this year (after nearly four years of ownership) as well as some maintenance work done.
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I wear a hat practically everytime that I go outside...Kangol hats in black, khaki, camel, dark blue, a few shades of grey, white and red. I have multiple black ones because I wear that color hat most frequently. I have one of each of the others.

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