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For Sale: TWEED MEGATHREAD! c. 38 -- 46: Half-Norfolk, Harris Tweed, Cashmere, Loden Half-Belt, Welsh Tweed, 3/2 sacks, more! FREE SHIPPING AND OFFERS WELCOME!

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For Sale:
TWEED MEGATHREAD! c. 38 -- 46: Half-Norfolk, Harris Tweed, Cashmere, Loden Half-Belt, Welsh Tweed, 3/2 sacks, more! FREE SHIPPING AND OFFERS WELCOME!

Will Ship To: Anywhere


Please PM with interest and offers!

1) GORGEOUS Half-Norfolk Tweed Jacket!


This is absolutely beautiful--my pictures come nowhere close to doing this justice!

First, the colourway is WONDERFUL--a gorgeous, rich, honey-wheat barleycorn base, with a gorgeous overcheck in Royal Blue and Sky Blue. This is simply terrific! Then, the cut. This is a Half-Norfolk jacket, with all of the features that you could possibly expect or want. It features the classic back half-belt of the Half-Norfolk, together with a bi-swing back for ease of movement. All three of the front pockets are bellowed for ease of expansion, when stuffing them with cartridges or other hunting accoutrements. The flaps of each are lined in either alcantra or suede leather in a lovely rich, dark, chestnut brown. The collar is underlined in the same rich dark alcantra or suede, and features a fully functional and detachable throat latch (also leather and tweed), which affixes to the interior or the jacket when not in use to avoid spoiling the sleekness of the neckline. The jacket has four button cuffs and is fully lined. It is half-canvassed, and unvented in Flusser--approved style.

This is in absolutely EXCELLENT condition, and was Made in the USA.

Asking just $85, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.


Chest: 23 1/2
Sleeve: 25 1/2 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 19 3/4
Length: 31 3/4



th_DSC00304-2.jpg th_DSC00305-2.jpg th_DSC00307-2.jpg th_DSC00308-2.jpg th_DSC00309-2.jpg th_DSC00310-2.jpg th_DSC00311-2.jpg th_DSC00314-2.jpg th_DSC00315-2.jpg th_DSC00317-2.jpg th_DSC00318-2.jpg th_DSC00316-2.jpg

2) Harris Tweed Basketweave Jacket--WITH ORB STAMP ON CLOTH!

This is a lovely jacket--and is one of the few Harris Tweeds that I've seen that has the Orb stamp of the Harris Tweed Authority actually visible on the cloth in the interior, something that makes this a very exceptional tweed indeed.

Cut from three season Harris Tweed in a lovely complex basketweave os browns, creams, and slate grey, this jacket is half-canvassed and half-lined. It has the classic leather-covered, metal shanked buttons, a single center vent, and a contemporary two button front. It was Made in the USA, and is in excellent condition.

Asking just $45, OR OFFER, for this orb-stamped classic.


Chest: 20 1/4
Sleeve: 25 (+2)
Shoulder: 18
Length: 30 1/4


th_DSC00320-2.jpg th_DSC00324-2.jpg th_DSC00321-2.jpg th_DSC00326-2.jpg

Orb stamp on cloth:


3) BEAUTIFUL Classic Harris Tweed--dusty tea-rose pink and light blue striping!

I love the tweed of this jacket--in part as I interviewed for my first academic job in a jacket with just this colourway, and since at least two members of the Search Committee commented on it I'm sure it helped me!

The jacket is a classic Harris Tweed--a light grey-tan herringbone with vertical stripes of dusty tea rose pink and light blue running through it. The cut is a standard two-button front contemporary style, with the classic leather covered metal shanked buttons that fit Harris tweed so well. It is half-canvassed, and has a single centre vent. It is half-lined, and was Made in the USA.

Asking just $45, or offer, for this classic jacket.


Chest: 24 3/4
Sleeve: 26 (+2)
Shoulder: 18 3/4
Length: 32 1/2


th_DSC00330-2.jpg th_DSC00328-2.jpg th_DSC00329-2.jpg th_DSC00331-2.jpg

4) Welsh Tweed in subtle plaid

From the heft of the cloth, to the patterning and colourway, to the style interior label proclaiming this as Welsh Tweed, everything about this jacket indicates that it was produced when Welsh Tweed was vying with Harris for a share of the tweed market. Alas, it never relaly took off, although this has more to do with marketing than with the tweed itself, which is certainly comparable to the softer Harris tweeds.

This jacket is a lovely Welsh country plaid, with shades of moss green, bark brown, and slate grey reflecting the colours of the Brecon Beacons. the jacket itself is very nicely made, being a contemporary two button fronted cut with a single centre vent and subtle darting. It is half-canvassed, and half lined. It is in excellent condition, was Union Made in the USA, and a steal

at just $35 or offer.


Chest: 23
Sleve: 26 (+2)
Shoulder: 19 1/4
Length: 32


th_DSC00334-2.jpg th_DSC00333-2.jpg th_DSC00333-2.jpg th_DSC00335-2.jpg th_DSC00336-2.jpg

5) RARE Austrian Loden Half-Belt Jacket.


This is awesome, and if it were smaller in the chest would most definitely NOT be here!

Loden is simply wonderful material, having a lovely hand and being naturally water-repellent after its processing--there's a reason it's the favored material of everyone from Austrian aristocrats to wood-dwelling hunters! Hard-wearing, tough, and beautiful.

This jacket is the classic Tyrolean cut--round collar, ventless, and with a half-belt back. This is very rarely seen in the United States, although I believe that Landau's of Princeton will secure one for you--at a considerable price! Naturally, this is a classic Loden green, and features wooden (?) or nut (?) buttons down the front and at the cuffs. It was Made in Austria--where else?--and is fully lined. It also features the classic Loden "Pyramid Stitch" on the back seam.

It does have a couple of minor flaws. First, it's missing a cuff button--an easy fix, as I would suggest just removing one from the other side and keeping it as a spare, so the cuffs match. The sleeves have also been lengthened, and there is some minor fraying to the extended lining--although since the sleeves are currently 27" this won't be an issue for most people as you'll take the sleeves up anyway. And, finally, there is some minor, minor creasing to the cloth on the chest, the result of being hung wet, I suspect. This is minor, and you might not have noticed it--I mention it more for my peace of mind than yours!

Given these flaws, this is in Very Good condition, and so how about $60, OR OFFER, boxed and shipped in CONUS? A rare chance to grab a great Loden at a great price!


Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 27 (+0)
Shoulder: 18 1/2
Length: 30


th_DSC00343-2.jpg th_DSC00344-2.jpg th_DSC00345-2.jpg th_DSC00339-2.jpg

6) BEAUTIFUL CASHMERE Glen Plaid jacket.


This is gorgeous! Cut from genuinely luxurious cashmere--and not the thin stuff that is so prevalent today--this beautiful jacket has a wonderfully striking colourway, being a classic black and cream glen plaid pattern with a dark red overcheck. It is half-canvassed and fully lined, and has a standard contemporary two button front. It is unvented, in Flusser approved style, and was Made in the USA.

This jacket has a simply wonderful hand and drape, and is wonderfully luxurious. It's a steal at just $65, boxed and shipped in CONUS, or offer.


Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 24 (+2)
Shoulder: 19 1/2
Length: 30


th_DSC00349-1.jpg th_DSC00350-1.jpg th_DSC00351-1.jpg th_DSC00354-1.jpg th_DSC00352-1.jpg

7) CLASSIC Harris Tweed in slate-grey herringbone with PATCH POCKETS!

This is lovely! made by PBM--a rock-solid trad, clothier--in Philadelphia, this lovely Harris Tweed is the classic slate-grey and cream herringbone pattern and colourway. It also features leather-covered, metal shanked buttons, flapped PATCH POCKETS, a single vent, and half-canvassing. It's also half-lined, and was, of course, made in the USA.

Apart from what is literally a pinprick in the lining at the back, this is in excellent condition, and a steal at just $45, or offer.


Chest: 24 1/4
Sleeve: 26 1/2 (+2 1/4)
Shoulder: 18 3/4
Length: 31 1/2


th_DSC00357.jpg th_DSC00358.jpg th_DSC00359.jpg

8) Brooks Brothers "Brookstweed" two button sack--with Patch Pockets!


Another lovely jacket, this Brookstweed is in a lovely grey and blue houndstooth with a dark russet overcheck. It's a two button sack, and features both two button cuffs and teh ever-desierable patch pockets. It's half-canvassed, half-lined, and has a single centre vent. It was, of course, Union made in the USA.

This has become rather rumpled on the right-hand pocket, as shown, and so needs a press. As such, this is just in Good?Very Good condition, and hence is a bargain at just $20, boxed and shipped in CONUS!


Tagged a 39R, this measures:

Chest: 20 1/2
Sleeve: 25 (+1 1/2)
Shoulder 18 1/4
Length: 30 1/4


th_DSC00373.jpg th_DSC00375.jpg th_DSC00378.jpg th_DSC00377.jpg th_DSC00374.jpg th_DSC00379.jpg

9) GORGEOUS 3/2 sack tweed for The English Shop of Princeton!

This is WONDERFUL! part of The English Shop of Princeton's Nassau Collection--the flagship collection this venerable, and now deceased, Ivy clothier--the colourway of this jacket is simply wonderful, being a mixture of forest green, charcoal grey, slate grey, and the occasional fleck of gorse yellow, with thin vertical stripes of Royal blue running thoughout. A wonderful, heathery tweed!

It's also a 3/2 sack, is fully canvassed, and has a single center vent. It was, of course, Made in the USA. It is in absolutely excellent condition, and is a steal at just $45, or offer, boxed and shipped in CONUS.


Chest: 21 1/2
Sleeve: 22 1/4 (+2 3/4)
Shoulder: 18
Length: 29


th_DSC00383.jpg th_DSC00382.jpg th_DSC00384.jpg th_DSC00381.jpg th_DSC00385.jpg

10) CLASSIC Scottish Tweed in grey Herringbone


This is a classic--a lovely grey herringbone jacket, cut from cloth woven in Scotland! A wardrobe staple, this jacket is also a 40R.... so if you don't have one, what are you waiting for? This jacket features pick stitching in the lining, a standard contemporary two button cut, a single center vent, and football buttons. It is fully lined, and in excellent condition.

Asking just $30, or offer.

Tagged a 40R, this measures:

Chest: 20
Sleeve: 23 (+1)
Shoulder: 17 1/4
Length: 30


th_DSC00388.jpg th_DSC00387.jpg th_DSC00389.jpg th_DSC00393.jpg
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Oh god that first coat is sooo sexy, FFF I really wish you'd get stuff in 36R, or at maximum 19" chest

oh whats this i see a 36-42 thread, see you there tweedy
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What US size is the Loden closest too? I'm a 44R
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Loden is probably a 40R, my size. Looks great but I would probably never get a chance to wear it here in HK>
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Thanks. Too small for me.
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