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What's the right tie width for me?

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Two years ago I got this tie in a 3-inch width from Sam Hober. I picked 3 inches because I wanted something proportional to my slim body and it was a nice round number. However, it turns out that 3 inches is too slim for my tastes, especially in the chest area. Yes, I do need more practice on my tie knots.

(Please forgive the hasty picture)

Maybe it's partly the camera angle and distance, but I really like the proportion of Spoo's ties to his body in these photos inlove.gif:

I'm about to order another new tie, but an unsure between 3.25" or 3.5." Obviously, I can order both, and maybe I will, but I'm wondering if anyone has a strong opinion one way or another. Thoughts?
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It appears that Spoo is wearing 4 inchers in those photos. You can do 3.5" with no worries.
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I am no authority on this matter but my general rule is pairing tie width to collar & lapel width. I have a wide chest but have jackets with 3" lapel which I wear shirts with narrow collar then 3" ties and also wear wider ties with bigger peak lapel. I think it really depends on what's in your wardrobe.
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3.5" is "normal". That's what I'd go with, and adjust from there.

Can't tell if Spoo's are 4" or if they just don't taper very much. Spoo is pretty tall though (IIRC) so he can probably pull off a 4" tie... Me, not so much smile.gif
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My ties are 99.99999% 3.5" wide. I rarely deviate from that.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

My ties are 99.99999% 3.5" wide. I rarely deviate from that.

Figures. 4" is really, really wide. I got one on eBay once that I wasnt paying close enough attention to, and when it came, it was 4". I'll never wear the thing, it's huge.
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^ aravenel, Tiecrafters can narrow the tie for you easily.


Liquidus, I'm slim, 6' 150-ish lbs, and I find 3.25" to be perfect for me. There's one 2.75" tie I wear only because the silk is incredible (purple embroidered fleur de lys vertical twill if anyone knows of a source of something similar!) and can't bear to give it up. 8cm is a more common European width (esp. Drakes) that works out to 3.15", which you could try, but that tenth of an inch does make a difference. If you find 3.5" to just look too wide on you no matter what, 3.25" might be a good compromise.

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Originally Posted by applky View Post

^ aravenel, Tiecrafters can narrow the tie for you easily.

Yeah, I only paid $10 for it though, so not sure it's worth it.

Agreed about 3.25 being a good middle ground. 3.5 is where I would start though and go from there.
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Thanks for the suggestions. I got a 3.5" width in the classic navy with white pindots.
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Yeah, I think 4" is huge. But i guess the taper of the tie shape (length wise) can determine your desired look. Perhaps where you tie the knot will also affect it?


I think your first photo depicts yourself very nicely!

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The majority of my ties are 3.25. The 3.5 width seem a bit dated. But, the width needs to be in sync with my shirt collar and lapel.
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I'm having a hard time with this for some reason: I have J Crew Ludlow suits (worked for my financially) right now, which have 2.5 lapels. Most of my ties are Drake's at 3.19 inches wide. Looking in the mirror when I wear the combo, the ties look a LITTLE big. Talk me off the ledge here: Is it ok to wear this width? I'm not sure anyone would even notice, but it has been on my mind. I don't really like how ties 2.5 wide look, and I went with the Drake's ties b/c of quality, and was thinking my next suit(s) might not feature slim lapels, so the ties would remain in style. 

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The tie looks big because it's 3/4" bigger than your lapels :)


95% of people probably won't notice; I have one slim lapel suit vs my others and there's no way I'd wear my "normal" ties with that one.  Even if other people won't notice, it'd almost be like wearing sandals with socks.  

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8cm is a classic tie width. Stick with it if you like it. I prefer 3.25". Though 95% of people may not notice, you will, which is what matters.

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I wear nothing less than 3.75, except in knit ties.
But then I am a style reactionary.
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