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Fashion News - 1/17/13



Paul Smith Designs Giro d'Italia Race Jerseys


Legendary British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith has created the leaders’ jerseys for the upcoming Giro d’Italia race, scheduled to start May 4th in Naples, Italy. The jerseys come in four collars for the races four competition classifications, and feature bright, Warhol-esque colors, the Paul Smith logo on the collar and the signature Paul Smith colored stripes on the left sleeve. Hopefully the jerseys, which are surprisingly muted for something designed by Paul Smith, will cause less of an outrage than Ralph Lauren’s designs for the 2012 American Olympic team. Link


Retail Apparel Prices Dip


The U.S. Labor Department’s Consumer Price Index reported Wednesday that retail apparel prices fell a seasonally adjusted 0.1% in December, following a similar decrease in November, largely due to heavy discounts during the holiday season. Men’s apparel prices fell 0.5% in December, while suits, sportcoats and outwear fell a combined 3.1%. These drops provide hope for the coming purchase months that will likely be reflected in the Recent Purchases threads.  Beyond sale drops, analysts point to decreases in cotton costs, which are finally being passed on to consumers. Link


New Information about Pilot of Missing Missoni Plane


New details have emerged about the pilot of the missing jet, which vanished January 4th in Venezuela with Vittorio Missoni and five others. According to a repot by Italy’s air safety agency, the plane’s pilot had an expired psychological-physical fitness certificate, and the company that owned the plane did not have a valid license to operate an airline. Venezuelan officials have declined to comment on the findings. Link

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Fashion News - 1/20/2013


Oscar de la Renta Teams Up With John Galliano


Oscar de la Renta has apparently invited ex-Dior head John Galliano to visit his New York design studio. Galliano fell from grace two years ago after being filmed shouting anti-Semitic slurs in a care while drunk. de la Renta’s gesture can be seen either as the first step in Galliano’s long journey towards mainstream reacceptance, or a play by the Spanish designer to appeal to a new neo-Nazi clientele. Link


Alexander McQueen Skips F/W 2013 Runway Show


With Sarah Burton, the head designer of Alexander McQueen out on maternity leave, the brand will forego a runway show. Instead, the fall collection will presented to a small group of fashion editors. S/S 2014 will be presented as normal. Link


Interior Designer Andree Putman Dead at 87


Celebrated interior designer Andree Putman died in her home Saturday morning, her representatives confirmed. Putman rose to fame for her work designing store interiors, and her clients included Karl Lagerfeld, Azzedine Alaia and Yves Saint Laurent. Link

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Forum Roundup - 1/21/13


Hot Topics


All About Meermin


Meermin has found a growing audience among Classic Menswear posters on StyleForum, who appreciate the brand’s lower priced, yet high quality footwear offerings. Check in to learn all about a new option in the entry-level shoe bracket: perhaps it’s the end of Allen Edmonds? 


Spring/Summer 2013 Kop List


What are you planning on buying over the next six months? This thread features Streetwear & Denim posters sharing their retail plans for the impending warm weather. 


Beautiful Knits


And while planning for the spring, don’t forgot how cold it still is in many parts of the world. This thread showcases some beautiful knits owned by StyleForum posters – think ultraluxe cashmere and Jil Sander teardrop sweaters. It’s definitely worth a look.


Deals of the Day


Ann Demeulemeester Triple-Laced Boots, 46


RRL Powell Chukka Boots, 8


Rick Owens White Geobasket Sneakers, 44


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear






Streetwear & Denim




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Kop List link is wrong. smile.gif
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Fashion News - 1/22/13


Audemars Piguet Names New CEO


Swiss luxury watch-maker Audemars Piguet has named Francois-Henry Bennahmias as CEO. Bennahmias previously served as the brand’s interim CEO since the end of May, when Phillipe Mark departed the company. Bennahmias first began his career at Audemars Piguet in 1996, working as an assistant marketing and sales manager for Asia-Pacific and Europe. Link


Michelle Obama Dons Thom Browne


For yesterday’s daytime inauguration and swearing-in ceremony, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a Thom Browne navy silk jacquard dress, paired with a simple J. Crew belt, as well as jewelry designed by Cathy Waterman. More in line with StyleForum’s interests, President Barack Obama chose the same simple Brooks Brothers cashmere overcoat that he wore during his first swearing-in ceremony four years ago. Despite playing it safe, President Obama is sure to draw criticism from at least a segment of StyleForum’s userbase. Link


Richemont Sales Slow


On Monday, the Swiss parent company of luxury watch brand IWC and Cartier reported third quarter sales figures, which showed a 9.3% growth to $3.72 billion. While impressive, this growth fell short of analysts’ projections, which hinged on continued strong sales in the Asian market, as well as the figures for the first six months of the 2012-2013 fiscal year, which were up 24%. In order to meet these earlier impressive figures, StyleForum members will need to step up their luxury watch buying: too many IWCs are sitting unsold in Asian boutiques. Link

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StyleForum Roundup - 1/23/13


Hot Topics


Mafoofan's Overcoat


Popular (even infamous) poster Mafoofan has shared his latest Rubinacci bespoke commission, a tweed overcoat. What do you think? Are the pocket flaps an abomination, or is at an example of what a tailor can achieve if given freedom to experiment? Chime in.


All About Vintage Clothing


StyleForum posters are legendary thrifters, and in their travels they sometimes come across some amazing vintage pieces. This thread is all about those vintage discoveries – the pictures are can’t miss, and really go to show what’s out there if you’re willing to dig. 


Fashion for the Larger Gentleman


While many StyleForum posters are right-off-the-runway rail thin, fashion isn’t exclusively for the 36Rs of the world. This thread explores the fashion options for the larger men – what brands work, and which don’t, and what options you can do to make the pieces you already own work.


Deals of the Day


SNS Herning Burgundy Stark, M


Raf Simons Brown Derbies, 43


Lad Musician Parka, 44


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear





Streetwear & Denim




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The first "Deals of the day" link sends you to the wrong item.

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Originally Posted by sridhar3 View Post

The first "Deals of the day" link sends you to the wrong item.

Whoops! It's fixed now. 

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Fashion News - 1/24/13


Levi's Leads Brand Ranking Study


Levi’s maintained its top spot among apparel and footwear brands in YouGov’s 2012 BrandIndex. The list, begun in 2007, ranks brands based on what percentage of consumers have heard about the brand – either good or bad – in the last two weeks. Apparently the survey, which represents a complication of 1.2 million interviews with 5,000 consumers, failed to ask anyone on StyleForum what they thought: Rubinacci is not listed on the list, and Old Navy, the perennial clearinghouse of ill-fitting fleece pullovers, came in third. Link


Chinese Corruption Crackdown Threatens Luxury Brands



Some industry analysts believe that China’s recent steps to crackdown on corruption at the behest of new Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping poses a threat to luxury brand sales in the Asian markets. For these brands, the Chinese practice of bribing with luxury gifts to curry favor, which forms a prosperous “grey market” along with sales through official channels, is at risk under new anti-corruption legislation. Recent earning reports seem to bear this prediction out – in particular Richemont’s reports of lower than expected sales, especially in the Asian sector. On an unrelated note, StyleForum is happy to accept donations: IWC watches are an especially good idea. Link


Valentino Plans Menswear Expansion



After securing new financial backers, Valentino plans to aggressively expand its menswear business, including opening dedicated boutiques around the world. Following up on positive reactions during shows in Pitti Uomo over the last two years, creative designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli will reveal a full menswear show on the Paris runway this week. Although menswear currently accounts for only 8% of Valentino’s sales, the duo hopes that within three to five years that number will rise to 15%. Link

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Fashion News - 1/27/13


Jos. A Bank Misses Profit Projections


Jos A. Bank Clothiers reported Friday evening, after the close of markets, that its fourth-quarter profits will be down 39.5%. The company earned only $26.7 million, compared to $44.1 million earned in the fourth quarter of 2011. Jos A. Bank’s president R. Neal Black blamed the drop on Hurricane Sandy, the presidential election and an unseasonably warm winter, but common sense dictates that a buy 1 get 50 free holiday sales strategy is not particularly useful in generating profit. Further, Jos A. Banks, more so than virtually any other low end menswear retailer, has failed to adopt to the changing fashion climate: each year there is less and less of a market for oversized 4 button suits. Link


Luxotica Faces Audit


Italian sunglasses-maker Luxotica, which owns Ray-Ban and Oakley, is facing a tax audit by Italian authorities. Although Luxotica claims no wrongdoing, the audit is apparently investigating irregularities in the practice of transfer pricing, or the price at which different divisions of the company transact with each other. Following an investigation, Italian police authorities visited Luxxotica’s headquarters in Agordo this week. Link


Gucci Launching New Fragrance


Gucci announced the planned February launch of a new fragrance for both men and women, Gucci Guilty Black. Guilty Black follows up on Gucci’s Guilty, released in 2010, which has sold approximately 22,000 bottles. Gucci estimates that the new fragrances will earn around $150 million over 2013, with prices ranging from $78 to $108 a bottle, depending on size. Link

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StyleForum Roundup - 1/28/13


Hot Topics


German Army Sneakers


Everyone loves German Army Sneakers, but not everyone loves the hefty price tag most version commands. Check out this thread for a review of some of the best non-designer options out there, from deadstock to adidas. 


All About Alligator


Do you like alligator shoes? How about crocodile? This thread features some beautiful examples of expensive and even bespoke exotic shoes. Take a peek. 


Dogs! Dogs! and Dogs! 


A lot of StyleForum members own dogs. And they like sharing pictures of them. This new thread shows some of the pooch pals of Streetwear & Denim posters.


Deals of the Day


Junya Watanabe Fishtail Parka, L 


Robert Geller German Army Trainers, 41


Zegna Navy Suit, 40R


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear





Streetwear & Denim




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Fashion News - 1/29/13


J. C. Penney Continues Reinvention


On CNBC last week, William Ackman, one of the chief investors in J. C. Penney, revealed that the department store would continue to pursue its strategy of transforming the department store into a series of specialty shop-in-shops. This strategy first appeared in J. C. Penney’s clothing departments, where the department store relaunched their house label, and brought on Nick Wooster to help the store capture a younger audience. While this effort has been successful – the shops-in-shops have been successful – they only account for a small portion of J. C. Penney’s business, which on the whole has continued to decline throughout 2012, with sales down 22% compared to last year. Link


Jos. A. Bank Stock Tumbles


Following an announcement Friday evening that Jos. A. Bank would miss profit projections for the holiday season, the company’s stock fell 15.1% today, ending at $39.28 for a loss of $6.99. The loss was also felt by other menswear retailers, including Men’s Wearhouse Inc., which saw a 5.9% drop in share prices. For StyleForum, these losses can only be seen as a positive light: perhaps with a few more subpar quarters, both companies will go out of business, ridding the world of horrible fitting, overpriced polyester-blend suits that give menswear a bad name. Link


Tragic Bangladesh Fire Casts Light on Overseas Production


A fire in Smart Export Co. that killed seven and injure more than 15 this Saturday is casting new light on global production issues. Smat Export Co. was manufacturing clothing for fast fashion chain Zara, although Zara claims that the orders were placed by a subcontractor without their knowledge, and that they will know longer do business with the Bangladeshi company in the future. The fire has also caught the interested of the American government, prompting a visit by a Congressional delegation on Sunday. Link

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StyleForum Roundup - 1/30/12


Hot Topics


To Curve or Not to Curve


While discussing his latest bespoke commission, Mafoofan criticized a tailor for using a curved yoke on an overcoat, beginning an in depth discussion on the virtues of design, what constitute classic menswear, and what role a tailor should play in the design process. Take a look. 


Classic Clothes, Modern Furniture


Continuing our introspective look at classic menswear, radicaldog explores the discontinuity – there is one – between embracing modernist thought (and furniture) and classic menswear. What do you think? Are they both branches of the same tree, or is clothing a unique category in which the past is more important than the present? 


All About Samurai


While StyleForum has mostly moved away from Japanese repro denim, there is still a small community of posters who live and die by fabric weights and selvedge lines. Venture into the Samurai thread for an excellent exploration of one of the world’s best denim companies, as well as some killer fading. 


Deals of the Day


Carol Christian Poell Spiral-Zip Boots, 8


The West is Dead Selvedge Denim, 34


Isaia Wool/Cashmere Blazer, 46/56


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear





Streetwear & Denim




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Fashion News - 1/31/13


Ralph Lauren Previews Fall Collection


In a presentation on Tuesday, Ralph Lauren previewed his upcoming Fall collections, including the Purple Label, Black Label and Polo lines. All three labels made heavy used of Tweed fabrics, including authentic, heavyweight Harris Tweed from Scotland. Lauren hopes that younger customers will embrace the hardy fabrics, and can be seen as another in a long string of designers tapping into the fast growing vintage market as seen at Pitti Uomo, and on an endless stream of #menswear blogs. Hopefully Ralph Lauren’s take on tweed will be a little more innovative than simply recycling traditional tweed sport coat designs. Link


Brooks Brothers Opens First Store in India


Brooks Brothers opened its first store in India, located in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. The opening comes only three months after Brooks Brothers first received approval from the Indian government to expand into the country, and will soon be joined next week by another store in Gurgoan, and several more stores in the coming months. Including the New Delhi location, Brooks Brothers currently operates 79 stores outside of the United States, and plans to continue to expand globally throughout 2013. Link


Bangladeshi Police Detain Smart Export Executives Following Factory Fire


Facing mounting pressures following a fire at that left seven garment workers dead, Bangladeshi officials have detained the chairman and the managing director of Smart Export Garment Ltd. The fire at Smart Export closely followed an earlier fire at Tazreen Fashion Ltd. in November that claimed 111 lives, and has cast a new light on working conditions in overseas factories. Smart Export has been tied to fast fashion brand Zara, which quickly severed all ties with the subcontracted that negotiated with the factory in the wake of the fire. Link

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Sexy Crochets and Techno Florals Highlight Summer Trends; Black shirts – What Do You Think? 


Fashion News


According to WWD, the spring trends to watch for women’s bathing suits include techno florals, sexy crochets, sharp tuxedos, exotica and kitchy retro. Link


Spring Bikini Previews


While prevailing StyleForum wisdom would say no, this thread poses a question that few have asked. What do you think? Link


Deal of the Day


Falio Sarti Scarf 


Looks of the Day




A Fellow Linguist


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