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Fashion News & StyleForum Roundups

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Hey everyone,


This thread will feature our new Fashion News and StyleForum Roundup posts. Feel free to join in.





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Gap Expands; Men’s Fashion Sales Surge Forward; Victorinox Taps Christopher Raeburn - Fashion News 1/4/12


Gap Acquires Intermix


In a deal that closed on December 31st, Gap acquired women’s specialty retailer Intermix for $130 million in cash. Despite remaining one of the least popular brands on StyleForum (there hasn’t been a clamor for argyle sweaters recently), Gap has performed well over the last year, showing a jump of 60% in recently released third-quarter earnings. Gap hopes to use the acquisition to increase its online presence, as well as expand into the luxury men’s market. Link


Worldwide Men’s Fashion Sales Continue to Climb


A recently released study by Bain & Co. has found what StyleForum posters already know: the men’s fashion market has continued to show strong growth, with an expected jump of 10% during 2012 for a total of $34.3 billion in sales. Eric Jenning’s of Saks Fifth Avenue believes that this growth reflects the increasing comfortably of men with personal style in general, and, looking forward, expects a renewed interest in tailored clothing during 2013. Link


Victorinox Appoints Christopher Raeburn as Artistic Director


London-based designer Christopher Raeburn has been named as the Artistic Director of the Swiss luxury brand Victorinox. Raeburn previously collaborated with the brand to produce a capsule collection of military inspired garments for Fall 2011, and Victorinox hopes that he can relaunch the company’s clothing division. Despite these hopes, clothing sales only constitute a small part of Victorionx’s revenue: men and women’s clothing make up 7% of the company’s sales, while Swiss Army knives account for 35%. Link

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Forum Roundup - 1/4/12


Hot Topics


Predicting Pitti


With Italy’s leading fashion fair almost upon us, StyleForum posters guess who’s going wear what and if padded camo ties are set to make a splash. What do you think the next big #menswear trend will be? 


Skytop Briefcase Reviewed


Poster DJackson reviews a Skytop Pullman bag, which he recently picked up. What do you think? Has an alternative to Saddleback finally emerged?


Engineered Garments S/S 13


It’s January, so it’s time to start planning your Spring/Summer buys, and this excellent thread shows what readers can look forward to seeing from Engineered Garments in the coming months. I know I’ll be buying a striped shawl collar s/s short as soon as I can. 


Deals of the Day


Edward Green for Ralph Lauren Purple Label Grant Monkstraps – 8 US


Ovadia & Sons Frayed Wool Tartan Tie


Dries Van Noten Cotton Sweater – 50


Raf Simons Destroyed Runway Sweater A/W 1998 – 1999 


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear






Streetwear & Denim





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Head of Missoni Missing; Several Macy Stores Closing; Steep Markdowns Working for Retailers -

Fashion News 1/6/13


Plane Carrying Vittorio Missoni Missing


A plane carrying Vittorio Missoni, the current head of the Missoni fashion business, is confirmed missing. The plane was en route to Maiquetia, Venezuela, and was last seen 10 miles after takeoff. Missing with Missoni is his life partner, Maurizia Castiglioni, as well as two other Italian friends of the couple. Although Missoni’s men’s collection has not been historically popular on StyleForum, the brand’s quirky take on knitwear has undergone a recent resurgence, appearing on the shelves of Tres Bien Shop and Mr. Porter for F/W 12. Link


Macy’s Announces Store Closures


Macy’s announced Thursday that that it will close six stores in the coming months, including locations in Pasadena, St Paul and Houston. This announcement is not especially surprising: if StyleForum is a barometer for the fashion industry, Macy’s perpetual lineup of Sean Jean and Tommy Hilfiger is no longer the ne plus ultra of men’s fashion. Despite the announced closures, Macy’s plans on opening several new locations throughout 2013, including multiple Bloomingdale’s branded locations. Link


Steep Markdowns Prove Successful


This Wednesday several retailers announced strong Christmas-season sales, pointing to steep markdowns as high as 80% as the source of the upsurge in traffic. Judging by the recent purchases threads, these reports are accurate, and only act to reinforce the growing expectation of deep sales before the New Year. Unfortunately, regardless of this success, industry experts remain pessimistic about holiday forecasts, projecting only a 2 – 4% growth in sales over last season. Link

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StyleForum Roundup - 1/7/12


Hot Topics


Ten C: A Brand to Watch


With a sterling pedigree (its founders are C.P. Company alums), Ten C, or The Emperor’s New Close, is a brand on the rise. Several StyleForum posters recently picked up some of their cutting-edge technical outerwear and innovative liners. Give them a look – it might be the solution to your cold weather needs.


Victor's Mini-Blog


Well-dressed Russian poster VictorSF recently started his own blog-style tread to showcase his daily looks – what do you think of his quirky, yet well-tailored take on traditional suiting? 


Yohji Yamamoto


Although Yohji Yamomoto has been walking his unique vision of menswear down the runway for several decades, he has only recently found a following on StyleForum. Despite this newness, the Yohji thread is one of the best-organized and curated threads on a forum. Take a peek, you won’t regret it.


Deals of the Day


Missoni Knit Blazer, 42


Bless Knit/Woven Jacket, M


Deakin & Francis Sterling Silver Pirate Skull Cufflinks with Ruby Eyes


Kiton Grey Wool Suit, 38R


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear






Streetwear & Denim


Man of Kent



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Fashion News - 1/8/2013


Brunello Cucinelli Announces Strong 2012 Revenues; Vittorio Missoni Still Missing; J. Crew Chief Profiled


Brunello Cucinelli Sales Rise



Brunello Cucinelli SPA reported 2012 revenues of 279 million euros, a 15% increase compared to 2011. Cucinelli is well regarded on StyleForum for its luxury fabrics and Italian styling, and it seems the growing popularity of #menswear has helped the firm. The company went public in April 2012, and has used the cash generated by the public offering to aggressively pay down debt, which at the end of 2012 stands at $1.28 million euros. Looking forward, the brand plans to expand throughout 2013, as well as develop a retail network. Link


WWD Profiles Mickey Drexler


Mickey Drexler, the outspoken head of J. Crew who has overseen the brand’s reemergence as well as its decision to court a private equity buyout in 2011, was recently profiled in WWD. Drexler cites applying the golden rule to his customers and employees as key to his success, including a determination to look beyond resumes when hiring employees, as well as renewed emphasis on customer service. While J. Crew was one of the most purchased brands on StyleForum several years ago, of late they’ve faded from the limelight; still, Drexler’s full profile is worth a read. Link


Search for Missoni Continues into Fourth Day


Venezuelan authorities continued the search for Vittorio Missoni, whose plane went missing on Friday, into a fourth day.  A spokesman for the Interior Ministry issued a statement in which he acknowledged that the Venezuelan government is not investigating the possibility of kidnapping, even though Missoni went missing in an area known for drug smuggling. Missoni’s plane was last seen by another pilot, who witnessed the plane entering a large group of clouds, leading some to speculate that the plane was struck by lightning. Link

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Forum Roundup - 1/9/13


Hot Topics


$81 Cone Mill Selvedge Denim



Gustin, a San Francisco based menswear brand, is offering a pair of their premium, made in the USA denim jeans for $81 in exchange for Kickstarter funding. Is it a great deal, or not worth it? Check in to see what members are taking the plunge.


F/W 2013 - 2014 Runway Shows



It’s that time of year again – and StyleForum is here to help you wade through the hundreds of menswear shows in the coming days. Keep an eye on this thread to see images of runway presentations, and join in the conversation about what’s a most kop and what’s laughably dated.


Menswear Looks Around the Web



This comprehensive (and lengthy) thread contains a great collection of outfit pictures drawn from websites other than the Satorialist. Take a peek for inspiration, or just to see what the latest #menswear trainwreck is in the making. 


Deals of the Day


Comme de Garcons Homme Plus Blazer, 44/46


Edward Green for Ralph Lauren Purple Label Monkstraps, 8D


Looks of the Day

Classic Menswear







Streetwear & Denim




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Fashion News - 1/10/13


Lapo Elkann Plans Brand Expansion; Pendleton Announces New Label; Vince Founders Plan Exit


Lapo Elkann Explores IPO


Lapo Elkann, the envy and delight of bloggers everywhere, and founder of fashion and lifestyle brand Italia Independent, is considering an IPO for the brand. Italia Independent brought in $19.2 million euros in revenue in 2011, and operates six stores and forty shop-in-shops throughout Italy. Elkann is also releasing a book in the coming months; “Le regole del mio stile” (“The Rules of my Style”) will explain his take on fashion as well as his lifestyle, although it’s doubtful that it’ll discuss his troubled personal life and in particular the infamous drug overdose in 2005. Link


Vince Founders Announce Departure


Vince founders Rea Laccone and Christopher LaPolice have announced that they plan to leave the company they cofounded 11 years ago on February 1st, citing an unwillingness to put in the time necessary to continue to grow the brand. Vince, which was purchased by Kellwood Co., which is owned by Sun Capital Partners, in 2006 for an undisclosed sum, and today the company generates around $250 million in revenue. Link


Pendleton Announces Heritage Collection


Pendleton, the label best known for its workwear-style flannels, has announced the creation of a new heritage collection. Called the Thomas Kay Collection after the company’s founder, the collection will wholesale for between $40 and $146, and is set to launch for Fall 2013. Pendleton has worked hard over the last several years to attract a newer, StyleForum-esque, audience, teaming up with Opening Ceremony and Junya Watanabe, as well as releasing a contemporary collection based on the company’s traditional fabrics. Link

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19.2 euros in one year?

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Originally Posted by Chase H View Post

19.2 euros in one year?


Good catch! 19.2 million euros a year. 

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...and here comes Pendleton with a heritage collection. Only took them 4 years to catch on. Too bad for them the work wear crowd of 2009 has moved on.
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Fashion News - 1/13/13


New Developments in Missoni Search; Hilfiger Reveals New Tailored Line-Up; Bernard Aranult Target of Belgian Probe


Missoni Plane Possibly Found 


According to a report from Venezuela, a blip on the radar of the Venezuelan Army may indicate where Missoni’s plane crashed. The location is on the ocean floor, approximately 2,000 meters down, and is beyond the limits of most radar instrumentation. Despite this development, Venezuela is currently negotiating with the Italian government to extend the search beyond the initial agreed upon eight-day period. Link


Tommy Hilfiger Shows New Tailored Collection


On Monday of this past week Tommy Hilfiger showcased his renewed Tommy Hilfiger Tailored, which had formerly been licensed to the Holy Fashion Group, but now is developed in house. While Hilfiger has never been a StyleForum darling (to put it lightly), the new line will include fabrics from Loro Piana, and will retail from $524 to $917. Hopefully, in contrast to everything else produced by Hilfiger, this collection will fit well, and could conceivably be an excellent entry-level suiting option. Link


Arnault Under Investigation


The public prosecutor of Brussels announced Friday the start of a preliminary investigation into the Belgian activities of LVMH. This probe is part of Bernard Arnault’s recent application for Belgian citizenship, which came under criticism by some Belgian politicians, who accused LVMH of operating in Belgium in name only. Link

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StyleForum Roundup - 1/15/13


Hot Topics


Two Years in Guidi


Check in with poster NicelyNice as he reviews two years of Guidi boot ownership with pictures. An excellent example of how a pair of shows can become more than simply part of your wardrobe. 


Luxury Clothing and Consumerism


Beyond discussing clothing, StyleForum posters are an introspective group. This thread is a lively discussion of what it means to purchase clothing, what luxury clothing symbolizes, and at what point does consumerism reach excess. Join in and share your views.


Gloves, Gloves and More Gloves


With winter upon us (at least in the northern hemisphere), it’s time to stock on gloves. This thread is an excellent showcase of different glove types, materials and makers, mixed in with a healthy dose of well-worn glove porn. Take a look. 


Deals of the Day


Early 1900s Shawl Collar Brown Bear Fur Coat, 40


Tom Ford Black Leather Weekender


Jil Sander Black Leather Down Bomber, 38/M


Looks of the Day


Classic Menswear






Streetwear & Denim




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Fashion News - 1/15/13



Ian Valerdi Nabs Menswear Prize; PPR Takes Stake in Christopher Kane; VF Corp Stalks Billabong


Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Winners Announced


Ian Velardi has been named the winner of the 2013 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation’s annual menswear award, a prize worth $25,000. The foundation, supported by Ecco Domani Wines of Italy, recognizes emerging talent, and hands out four awards in the categories of sustainable design, menswear, womenswear and accessories. Velardi, who presented his first collection in Fall 2011, has been the focus of growing press over the past year: he collaborated with Gap as part of their GQ capsule collection, and his label was picked up by Park & Bond. Link


PPR Purchases Christopher Kane


The French luxury group PPR has purchased a 51% stake in London-based designer Christopher Kane’s eponymous brand. PPR plans to use Kane’s recent press to launch another global luxury brand (which, apparently, is just what the fashion scene needs, right?) and establish freestanding Kane stores, with the first slated to opens its doors in 2014. In addition to its controlling interest in Christopher Kane, PPR also owns Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney. Link


VF Corp Pursues Billabong


VF Corp disclosed on Monday that the company is partnering with Altamont Capital to acquire Billabong at approximately $1.16 a share. The two plan, if successful, to split Billabong into several different companies, although they have not disclosed any specifics of how the breakup would occur. The offer totals $555.3 million, which begs the question: are that many people buying tacky board shorts? Link

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Styleforum Roundup - 1/16/12


Hot Topics


Liverano & Liverano Trip Report


Poster gusvs shares some pictures of his recent visit to the Italian bespoke outfit Liverano & Liverano. Some stunning scarf porn. 


The MA-1


MA-1s are hitting big this season (you know a piece is on trend when it shows up on the shelves at Uniqlo), and this thread features some of the best MA-1s to come out of the best decade. The Helmut Lang versions are hard to beat. Give it a look.


The Patrik Ervell Thread


There are a lot of designer-centric threads in Streetwear & Denim, and one of the best organized and consistently updated is the Patrik Ervell thread. Check in to learn more about Ervell’s eclectic take on menswear, as well as information on the best place to purchase his designs. Here’s a quick tip: when in doubt, size up. 


Deals of the Day


Maison Martin Margiela Cream Leather 5-Zip Jacket, 52


F/W 2011 Dior Homme Tailleur Sneakers, 40


John Lobb Patent Opera Pumps, 9 UK


Look of the Day


Streetwear & Denim and Classic Menswear




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