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Looking for an Olive Green suit

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I'm looking to get an Olive Green suit, something like this color:


It's been a challenge so far, so I'm asking for help here. I would rather not buy one online, since I'd want to try it on first. I've tried all the local department stores and I've even called up several stores at a somewhat local outlet mall, and most of the answers I got were they either had just blazers and no suits at all or only standard black and gray suits.

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bump any help please?

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That one is my size but olive is such a horrible color for suiting IMHO. And I love olive green for outerwear, sweaters, cords, etc. Just not suits.

There were a few Polo Ralph Lauren suits on eBay in olive, you may wish to check one of their stores.
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There is a Polo Ralph Lauren outlet at the somewhat nearby outlet mall, I called them and they said they had very few suits and only in black and gray. The Tommy Hilfiger outlet doesn't even have full suits, and the Hugo Boss outlet said they have suits but not in olive green.


Is this a color I'm more likely to find in the spring and summer?

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I don't know your location, but if there is a Jos.A.Bank store near you, it may have an olive solid Signature suit in stock or be able to prder one. I know JAB doesn't "get much love" from some on SF, but a Sig. suit on one of its frequent sales should be a decent deal. I hope this helps.

Is the suit for work?
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There's a Jos. A Bank store that's a lot closer than the outlet mall. I'll have to call them tomorrow and see what they have.


I looked on their website, and Olive was a color option on a lot of suits, but it didn't really have a good picture of the color. I'm looking for one like the link in the opening post, one that's noticeably green, not just a gray or brown with a subtle tint of olive.

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Olive was quite a popular color for suitings when I was a young man, but it seems to have fallen out of fashion. The good ones were on the gray or brown side of the spectrum. That Hilfiger job has way too much yellow in it!
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