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Hate to create a new topic but I don't want any regrets or mistakes when I'm a complete noob in shoe/boot care even though I been browsing frantically but getting a huge headache at different responses I am reading. I recently bought these chippewas for Jcrew boots and want to do a pre-maintenance on them before I wear them in the winter. Being these as my first real pair of boots and my most expensive footwear other than a few dress shoes, I don't want to mess up. At the moment, all I have is a horsehair brush, neutral shoe cream, sno seal, and a buffing cloth. I plan on using Crane's method for the sno seal by applying it all over the boot and use a hairdryer to let the pores of the leather open up.

Other than sno-seal, what else should I do to the boots? Is there any other products I should have at my disposal when I do the boot care tomorrow? Is a conditioner/cleanser needed? How can I make my boots have some shine?

Thanks to all that can help in my small dilemma smile.gif