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For Sale:
Slim Denim & Chinos: Dior Clawmarks, Faded 19cm, Simon Spurr, Minerd, Mard by Marc Jacobs Denim, W+H West Point

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've got a bunch of denim up for sale that either doesn't fit me, or I've never worn (save for 1 pair). Prices include Airmail shipping within Canada + US.

Minerd Light Distressed Slim Jeans, size 32 - $50
Bought new at Holt Renfrew during one of their Last Call sales, but these jeans have been worn once. The jeans are pre-distressed, and have been intentionally patched/reinforced where distressed (the jeans come like that). Retailed for something like $200. Don't have the tags but they might as well be new.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Off White/Tan Slim Jeans (Uniform Fit), size 32 x 30 - $65
Bought these at Holt Renfrew on sale as well, and had them hemmed thinking they'd make a nice summer jean. Unfortunately I never really found an opportunity to wear them, so they've been sitting in my closet with the tags still on. I'm taking a huge loss on these, which sucks (tags are still on), but I don't think I'm going to wear 'em.

Simon Spurr Slim Distressed Jeans, size 32 x 30 - $65
Bought these from the White Space at The Bay last Christmas. Had them hemmed and wore them 3 or 4 times to the office, but I want to get into a pair of dark, raw jeans. As with the MJ's, selling these at a pretty big loss, but they're doing me no good sitting in my closet.

Wings + Horns Westpoint Chino, size 30 x 30 - $75
These are from a few seasons back, when the waist was a little bigger, and the legs were a little shorter. Happy to take measurements, but these fit more like a 31 vs. the newer cut of the west points. Between more hockey & running (and a weakness for chocolate), these are a pinch tight in the waist and thighs for me now. Happy to trade (or throw in cash) for a pair of 31 or 32's in navy or tan, preferably from an older season so I don't have to hem them. Pictures to follow.

Dior Clawmarks 19cm MIJ, size 31 x 34 - $225
Bought these off a friend, they're pretty much like new (I wore them once). Would like to hem them to a more manageable inseam, but I'd like to see if there's any interest here first. If you know Diors, you know the drill with these. Made in Japan, the denim is a little heavier than the MII ones.

Dior 19cm Raw used, size 31 x 30 - $175
I've worn these on and off for the last 2 years or so, but I'd like to start into a new pair. They have some great fades, and the crotch has been re-inforced. The back pocket has worn out nicely, but you could always get it repaired. I decided to let it go as it adds some character to the jeans. A great pair if you can do without the extra length, and want to get a head start on some fading.

Thanks for looking!