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How to wear a vintage velvet dinner jacket? - Page 2

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Seriously boss coat.


I think simpler is better with the rest of the rig too keep it from looking too costumey.



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I think this has sort of a peter max look about it, and maybe some 60's white bell bottoms. Why go half way? Otherwise black jeans and turtleneck.
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Effin amazing! That is a fantastic piece of history! Pucci at his finest!
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Please post this in my vintage thread, Baron.

I just felt my balls tingle a little bit.
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Very Doc Severinson.




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Im thinking now maybe regular tux pants but cut in a 70's vein, slim through the hips with a subtle boot cut down the leg. I think Tom Ford may do this but I know labelking had some vintage trousers cut that way. And perhaps a ruffled shirt, too, if I could find a tasteful one.
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Mark Jacobs also cuts trousers like this - or did a few years ago.


You coud try boot cut and a ruffled shirt, but if someone calls out, "Yeah, baby!" in the first 30 minutes I would dump the costumey gear for something more subtle. The coat holds up on it's own.



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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

No, I'm more like a 16 - 16.5. I think I might just get a pleated shirt. I mostly was wondering if there were any conventions for wearing unconventional dinner jackets - is there a certain rig that goes with velvet smoking jackets that's distinct from normal black tie?

Here's the jacket. The colors are a little off from the lighting but it's pretty close.

All this jacket needs is hair...lots and lots of hair....

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I like Pucci and think that jacket is pretty damn fun(ky).


Obviously it's only wearable for fun & informal occasions but within that, I think would look great with the usual rest of the dinner suit oufit. I do like the idea mentioned upthread of using a ruffled or pleated shirt with it, to complete the informalising effect. Normal dinner suit trousers & shoes though; nothing crazy needed there.

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