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How to wear a vintage velvet dinner jacket?

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I have a fantastically patterned, velvet Pucci dinner jacket in turquoise, cream, violet and black that my father bought and wore in the 70's. It's been sitting in my closet for a few years now and I had the impulse to wear it on New Year's Eve. Unfortunately, I discovered that the sleeves are over an inch too short (it's being tailored now). But I also realized that I had no idea how to wear it. The cut of the jacket is fairly timeless and conservative. Peak lapels, unvented, conservative proportions. The lapels are velvet, not grosgrain. I wish I'd taken a picture before I dropped it off at the tailor but I can do that later.

So how does one wear this kind of thing? With tuxedo trousers, a formal shirt and bow tie - or is there another conventional way to wear a velvet jacket?

edit: Ok I found a similar jacket online. Mine is a different color scheme but the pattern is pretty much the same:

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How did he wear it?



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I actually chuckled a bit when I saw the flick.
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Originally Posted by lefty View Post

How did he wear it?


Lol - I know he wore it ringside to a Ken Norton fight with an open necked white silk shirt and a plush blue Oleg Cassini fedora that has a gold chain for a band (I have that hat, too - my wife wears it).

I know he also wore it to a Grammy Award show in 1979 (he had nothing to do with the music industry except for producing a single live event in the 1978). I assume he wore it with traditional formal wear that time.

I know those two just from him telling me - I don't actually remember seeing it worn.
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Depends on event, but with that coat I doubt anyone would fault you stretching the "rules."

I would wear it with the open collar shirt. Thin cream turtleneck could also work.


Pants could be formal or otherwise. 



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For the jacket in the photo, get a job as curator or tour guide of a First Nations museum. Accentuate with feather head dress, beads, and moccasins. I would like to see a photo of your own jacket before making suggestions.
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The white silk shirt would work well. Any solid dark pants will be fine.
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Was your father a pimp, perchance?


Maybe I'm just clueless, but I can't see that being tasteful.

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It's not meant to be tasteful, it's designed to be fun and get you laid. By stewardesses.




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That's why I'm not posting this in the Good Taste thread.

Anyway, my jacket has an more subdued color scheme than the one I posted. I'll post pictures next week when I get it back.
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lurker[1].gif I can't wait. Actually I love the jacket in the photo. Pure fun!
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70s in a tasteful way? Think Burberry Prorsum - ruffled shirt with modern proportions and collar and a slim(mer) black bow tie. Black evening trousers.

This'd be good but I guess you're not a 15/38.
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No, I'm more like a 16 - 16.5. I think I might just get a pleated shirt. I mostly was wondering if there were any conventions for wearing unconventional dinner jackets - is there a certain rig that goes with velvet smoking jackets that's distinct from normal black tie?

Here's the jacket. The colors are a little off from the lighting but it's pretty close.

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Holy smokes.
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