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Custom Pants in NY

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Hello Forum members,

On the recommendation of SF I went to LS Clothing to have Izzy craft me a pair of pants. Something simple: two darts in the rear to account for my prominent seat (and mild lordosis) and a request for a slim fit that tapers after the knee.

Unfortunately, the pants are not slim, he forgot the two darts, the waist is too big, and I'm not happy so I'm going to attempt to work with him with a follow up to have these made correctly. However, forgetting the two darts which I emphasized and delivering something that has the one attribute I am looking to correct through custom pants (pocket gaps) led me to not feel this is a tailor I would like to repeatedly come back to. I appreciated his curt manner as efficiency which I like, but now that I have the finished product and it has these oversights, I am having a difficult time not believing that he was simply being short and in his rush he didn't listen to my requests properly and thus invalidated the whole point of getting something custom.

Having said that, I would like to try someone else. Would any of you kindly recommend another pants maker that you have first hand experience with and will not have a difficult time delivering a pair of pants that doesn't have "pocket wings"? I am looking for trousers that are slim through the thigh and taper after the leg, fit in the waist (so my pants don't fall), and can mend my pocket wings issue.
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Ercole - though he is more expensive than Izzy

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Thanks for the heads up Eustace. If its not too much trouble do you have any idea of current pricing (baseline cloth if I get it from him)?
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