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Please criticise my W.W. Chan shirts - is right shoulder ok?

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Dear Forum Members,

I recently received couple of shirts from W.W. Chan. Quality is great, but it seems to me that right shoulder on both shirts looks wrong size for me. Could you tell me if it is only my imagination or it is true? I have not washed shirts yet, but W.W.Chan prewashes fabric, so I don't expect any shrinking.

Thank you.

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The shoulders look fine to me in all the pics except the first pic it does seem off but maybe its the lighting.
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there are lots of little details that could be corrected.
the problem is that your shoulders point forward.
and you are looking at the unevenness of your shoulders.

the chest is too large and too much shape at the waist.
and the shirts will shrink a bit after washing
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Is this bespoke or MTM?
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i agree with shirtmaven. shoulders seem forward causing creases.


other than that, all else is minor issues.





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Was this made on one of their tours, without a fitting?

I'm highly skeptical about their claim that they can make a well-fitting suit sans fitting. I've been disappointed, and this is when I had two fittings on my first suit (that still had problems), and they promised that all the problems that were present on the first coat would be ironed out in the second suit. The second coat came back with more problems than on the first. Quite disappointing especially because I was hoping to 'perfect' my pattern with them (so it's easier to place larger orders), but it looks like it's a turn for the worse instead of better, which was what I had hoped for.

Now I have to deal with the hassle of flying to HK to get the suit tidied up, and spend twice the cost of a suit on the relevant logistics. We'll see if they can rectify the problems when I'm there.
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^Your experience with Chan has certainly been very different from mine...or maybe you are just a lot more particular.
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Would you accept a coat with an obvious collar gap? Or with both sleeves not pitched properly? Or horizontal creases at the back, just below the neck? Maybe pulls at the buttoning point? Nvm that I asked for bellied lapels but that detail was ignored (though I let it pass). On your second coat? If you'd, then I must be particular.

That said, there was no fitting for the second coat, and that was mainly because they assured me one wasn't needed. I've no doubt that the coat would have fit significantly better with one so all the problems aren't necessarily indicative that they're incompetent, just that they obviously need to give customers a fitting to get the suit to fit well. I'm not deriding them, I THINK they can do a good job, based on prior pictures of what they've made up, but I'm not very satisfied with my second coat and their trousers.

I do give credit when due and my first coat was, generally, clean and a good first attempt with a couple minor issues. Thus I decided to try a second coat to sort the problems out before making more. The second came back, in my opinion at least, a bit worse than the first, when I was expecting better.

To their credit, they are professional and polite and have been willing to sort out the problems. Patrick also strikes me as a nice person. Just that it's a hassle to have to fly to HK just to fix up problems in the suit. Now, if I have a private jet, that would be a different issue.

These are my frank observations and opinions of how their coat fits me. It might well be different for you or somebody else.
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Originally Posted by taxgenius View Post

Is this bespoke or MTM?

No idea, sorry. I did not ask for anything different from standard shirts, but Patrick took many measurements, particularly of my shoulders.
Originally Posted by bboysdontcryy View Post

Was this made on one of their tours, without a fitting?

Yes, it was done during one of their tours - I don't trust my own measurements biggrin.gif.
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