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Pinstripe pants

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Newbie here. Just picked up a very nice pair of navy pinstripe pants. But like an idiot, I got distracted by the bargain price and never thought what I'd wear them with.

I know I'm not painting them with a navy jacket. But could they work with a medium blue windowpane jacket or a charcoal gray patternless jacket?
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People here are gonna say that they'll look like orphaned suit pants. I mostly agree, but if you can't return them, I think they'll look okay if you wear them with lighter-coloured jackets. I like brown with navy, rust in particular. I don't really like the blue on blue look, sorry.
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It's difficult to make navy pinstripe pants not look like orphaned suit trousers. Combing them with a window pane jacket could be a clash of patterns. I have a pair of gray odd trousers with light double pinstripes that look good with a navy blazer and white shirt. Gray pinstripe trousers are more versatile than navy, and better if the stripe pattern is different than typical suits.
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Think they might just be summer pants to wear sans blazer.
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please return them.
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Originally Posted by addedfuel View Post

please return them.

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Keep them.  You don't have to wear a blazer just because you have pinstriped pants.  I have a few pin stripe pants that were not meant to be sold as part of a suit, Dries, Prada and they look great paired with a nice shirt.  You need to figure out how you want to wear them and in what situations and go from there. 

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Yeah. I'm not returning them. Really nice fabric and I love the way they fit. Casual Fridays with a nice shirt (and maybe braces).
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Originally Posted by garyclark View Post

(and maybe braces).


Braces are underwear. You shouldn't see them unless you're dancing or something and get hot and take off your jacket. Showing up to the office wearing braces over your shirt and no jacket is very poor taste.
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Ha ha.
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People who show their braces are contrived and typically have no fashion sense.
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Interesting. I'm no fashion expert. So I'm open to being schooled on this. Is there an existing thread?
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Just found a few threads. Hmm ... I can see why you wouldn't wear them out of the house. That's good advice.

But I do and will show them at the office. If it's a fashion no-no, so be it. They're not an everyday item for me, and mine aren't flashy. Besides, rules evolve.
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