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Otter wax

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I started a project on my Levi 511 black jeans. the material is super stretchy when worn, compared to other 511 jeans i own. I applied the wax using a bow dryer to help melt the wax. I left it to cool down overnight and it looked as if they were perfect. I picked them up to touch and the wax started to turn white. any suggestions on what i could do? or tips on using otter wax

I watched youtube videos of them already so save your time and not post that link~

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I think you made a mistake in using the blow dryer. If you review the videos on the otter wax site they do not use heat at all. Just apply the wax and they say the friction is enough to have it properly set in. Curing is setting the denim aside for a couple of days in a cool, dry place or in the freezer.
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The hair dryer is likely not the problem - most waxes are designed to melt into the fabric. You say the jeans are stretchy -- likely the problem is that you've got a cotton-synthetic blend (lycra) and that the lycra doesn't absorb the wax. Waterproofing waxes work by soaking into the fabric fibers. If you have synthetic fibers and they don't absorb the wax, you've just coated them, and the movement makes the wax flake off.


Freezing them is a terrible idea, because wax gets more brittle when it's cold, and chemical processes slow down, so you're not "curing" them, you're just hardening them by making them stiff, and they'll soften up again as soon as you warm them up. You can do this with a wet dishrag too, and it has nothing to do with your problem. This is basic chemistry.

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