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You are the main character in the last movie that you watched.  How screwed are you?


I'll be fine.  I'm Indiana Jones!

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I'm a little tired. Hungry. And could use a drink.
Die Hard 2.
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I'm Batman. I'm in Italy with Anne Hathaway.
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I just lost an a capella contest to an all girl team, but now I am going out with Anna Kendrick.

Pitch Perfect.

Oh shit.. Anna Kendrick was the main character the boy was a secondary.. does that make me Anna Kendrick and I'm going out with the boy.... Nooooo how can i lose this game. Lets just pretend they were both main characters.
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I was bitten by a radioactive spider. I fight crime and now my city is being attacked by a giant lizard. It's all good though, the hot blonde is really into me.

Amazing Spider-Man
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I'm fast asleep in my bed with the greatest Christmas present of all time, a Red Ryder range model bb rifle. My eye hurts a little and I need a new pair of glasses, though.

(A Christmas Story)
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