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Originally Posted by becnal View Post

By the way, on double breasted waistcoats, you should do up the bottom button.

I was wondering about that.
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Originally Posted by MrDaniels View Post

I was wondering about that.


There is some debate on it, and it's largely a matter of preference.  I do prefer it done up, though - another thing I didn't bother doing fully while trying stuff on.

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Originally Posted by ImTheGroom View Post

There is some debate on it, and it's largely a matter of preference.

There's debate on evolution too, but we shouldn't make the mistake of thinking both sides are equally valid. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by becnal View Post

Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

even at 11:30 am?

It's their wedding. They put black tie on the invite. Other guests will be in black tie..

To be more accurate, they said black tie optional. And at 11:30 am, there's no way I'd be in a tux. I'd bring it with me to change into if the party goes late enough. And let's hope the party does go late enough. biggrin.gif

Just to share an experience, before I knew better I showed up to a 2pm ceremony at a BTO wedding in black tie. I was the only one in black tie. Then when I showed up to the reception, there were about 10 others in black tie. So either I was the only one who didn't know the rule at the time, or the others had cold feet about wearing a tux until they saw someone else wearing one. From now on, as long as there's time between the ceremony and reception, I'll bring a lounge suit for the ceremony.
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Squares and bouts, or just bouts? (for groom and groomsmen, obviously)
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Both. Red for the groomsmen, white for the groom.
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Red's not happening, I will tell you that. That's not a battle worth fighting.
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I'm not gonna fight you on it.
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I didn't mean with you, I meant with the bride. Wedding colors, and all.
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I need your help and expertise. Now I'm sure all of you own suits and a majority of you are of the MTM variety (which is what I need). I recently got engaged and planning the wedding for next November (2014) and decided to buy suits rather than rent because I think it is pointless to spend that type of money for one day and nothing to show for it in the end. Half of them don't own a suit either, so it would help them a great deal. I have 9 guys to dress, plus the to fathers. We are all different sizes which leads me to the MTM course.

My issue is where to go for the suits. I've looked at Indochino, MySuit (I live in NY BTW), Jos. A. Bank and the like and seen a lot and price vary drastically

To all of you out there..Where can I go (online preferably) for the most affordable yet quality MTM suits?

Pricing is a range right now which is why I'm planning this far out. I don't want to break my groomsmen's pockets but I don't want them looking crummy either.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Also, any ideas for shoes, Dress shirts, ANYTHING!!!

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Suitsupply will help you out.
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Suitsupply and Indochino are very good choices. But since you have some time, I would watch Jos A Bank for one of their sales (which are usually buy one, get one free). It will probably be easier to deal with live, in-person fittings and most of the men in your party should have one nearby. And don't get scared by snobbery, Jos A Bank is a good store (I did not say GREAT store) and it is well-beyond what you would get at Men's Scarehouse.
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Here is the stock SF answer, which is basically what I'm doing. Just let them get a charcoal gray solid suit (or navy, or allow them to choose). This would be the most versatile suit they could own and is formal enough for a wedding. Then, assuming your wedding is at least somewhat formal, have them wear black dress shoes and a white shirt and provide coordinating (not matching) ties. This could be a traditional "wedding tie" (a black and white or silver tie in a small-scale pattern such as houndstooth, glen plaid, or shepherd's check) or a tie that coordinates with the wedding colors.

Now, if you insist on getting the exact same suit, from all I've read, online MTM such as Indochino is very hit-and-miss. If it fits your budget, Kent Wang has very positive reviews, but that's probably too much for your groomsmen. I would bet you'd have better success at a lower price point having them buy OTR suits and take them to the tailor. SuitSupply would also be an option since you're in NYC. That way those who want to pay for MTM have the option, those who don't can get probably the best suit they will get for under $500.

BTW, is it common now to dress the fathers with the wedding party?
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Try Proper Suit MTM in NYC. They have a solid charcoal or navy starting at $750. I saw a wedding party picking theirs up and they all looked great.

From what I have seen of Suitsupply they do a good job but their style tends to be a bit more fashion driven in style (peal lapels, higher button stance, much more fitted, etc). From what I've seen Proper Suit has more of a classic modern look that is appropriate for more formal and business settings. Check them both out and see what suits you..

I think you will increase your chances of success with any MTM if you write down a clear list of what you want in fit and details. Take in a photo or an example of a great fitting suit or jacket. Too often there is a communication breakdown between the Sales Associate and customer. Words like "Trim" or "classic" , "narrow", "wide" take on very different meanings with different people.

The good news is that there are some good options all under $1000 a suit. Good luck!
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All the weddings I've been to recently the fathers have been dressed differently from the wedding party.
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