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Ede and Ravenscroft. Shoes: patent Oxfords.
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Originally Posted by mikeharo View Post

Yes, I found that site via this thread and spent some time there earlier today. My question was pretty general, apologies for that. Where have other forum members had success with their tuxedos? Are there any places I should avoid (other than the obvious)? Has anyone else done a 3 piece tux and have advice?

Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

Ede and Ravenscroft. Shoes: patent Oxfords.

+1, though if you're from the US, then it makes sense to look at Brooks Brothers, Paul Stuart, and Ben Silver? You can probably opt not to have the waistcoat if you wear a DB. I seem to recall Brooks Brothers having a MTM program if you don't want to bespeak a tuxedo.
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Read it, learn it, love it.

A three piece tuxedo is fine, but please dear God make sure it's a real tuxedo vest and not one of those horrendous 70s-prom looking suit vests.

Edit: Whoops, I missed where it jumped to the next page and this was already addressed. OP, the suggestions to looks at Brooks, Paul Stuart, and Ben Silver are good. Polo is nice stuff too, if a bit overpriced. Just make sure to get a classic tuxedo--something you can wear over and over again.
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Originally Posted by mikeharo View Post

Yes, I found that site via this thread and spent some time there earlier today.

I believe he has a list of shops on his site as well. I got mine on eBay.
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I posted these questions separately, but got no response, so hopefully someone here can help me out.


Has anyone had any experience with the following:


  1. Ordering from Clermont Direct (  I'm looking at getting a marcella/pique black tie shirt from them, turndown collar.  Would like to know what the quality is like.  It's GBP 25, which is around $35.  Is the quality commensurate to the pricing, or is it a bit better?  I will only wear it a couple of times/year, and, at this price don't mind replacing it after a year or two.  But it does need to look fantastic the first time I wear it.

    My father may also order a waistcoat from them, and I may buy a satin bow tie.
  2. Ordering from - I'm looking at a waistcoat from them  - GBP 80 (about $100).  Same questions as above.
  3. Jack Lipson MTM shirts.  I can get one for $125, cotton is 120 or 140 depending on the pattern I choose.  Is this a good price?  Are the shirts well made, and durable?


Thanks in advance!

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I have ordered several items from Clermont Direct, and I'm very happy with all of them. The service is excellent. The one thing I will say however is that after washing the shirt I bought from them, it shrunk and now the sleeves are too short. I suppose I should ask them if that's normal for their shirts.

The bow ties, cummerbund, braces and shirt studs I've received are all very nice. No complaints there at all.
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Hello style gurus! n00b here...


I live in London and am getting married in mid September, out in the English countryside.


I don't want a morning suit or tuxedo - I'm looking for a suit that can still be useful after the wedding.


I've found one I like at Richard James on Savile Row, costing around £1000 (RTW with alterations), which is slightly more than I was hoping to spend but I can probably manage it. It's the last of this particular suit they have, and I have it on hold until tomorrow.


Thing is, in a week or so we're off to southern Italy (Amalfi coast and Salento peninsula), so I starting thinking we could potentially go into Naples and have a look there. I don't speak Italian but my fiancee does. We'd probably only make one trip into Naples, so won't have time for fittings for a bespoke suit (even if I could afford it).


Any advice? I've found lots of bespoke houses in Naples, but not much information about buying non-bespoke and how much I should expect to pay.


I'd probably have to get some alterations done just before the wedding in England, so I would need to account for that.

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We would suggest a blue or navy 3-piece or one-button tailored suit instead of a morning suit or tuxedo. This way you can still wear the suit long after the wedding. Congratulations on the nuptials!

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If the James suit makes you happy, get it. Good quality RTW with alterations will do, if bespoke is not an option. For the wedding itself, you may consider a few festive touches, such as an odd-coloured waistcoat (buff works well with navy, for example), and a Winchester suit.
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Thanks - been into town again today to look at other options, but nothing is coming close to the Richard James suit at the moment.


Tomorrow I'll need to make a decision to go for the James suit or leave it to chance as to whether or not they still have it when I get back from Italy... so is the general view that Naples isn't going to be worthwhile?

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I was directed to this thread after making the following post:


Hey Everyone,


I was actually researching suits for my wedding and stumbled upon Styleforum, after reading some reviews of the J. Crew Ludlow suit I was looking at (which were not good) I thought I'd register for an account and try to get some expert advice. So clearly we're not going the traditional Tuxedo route here. What my fiance and I are thinking for myself and the groomsmen is a light gray suit. For me I'm looking for the full ensemble: jacket, pants, and vest. For the groomsmen I'm going to try to select a vest/shirt/pants combo that will come in at a price close to the cost of renting a tux.


I'm mostly looking for help with the suit. I'm 6'2" and weight ~ 180 lbs, so fairly trim. I usually find that slim or trim fit clothing fits me best. I think my walnut Allen Edmonds Strand Oxfords would go well with the light gray:



Now for the important part, I'm looking to spend around or less than $1,000. I've been considering waiting for the Nordstrom Men's Sale and snagging a Hugo Boss suit or perhaps a Zegna if I can find one for that price on sale.


Any thoughts or recommendations on what to look for or where to buy?



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I'm looking for dark brown shoes to pair with my light blue navy suit for my wedding. I have fallen in love with these shoes but need something similar with an affordable price point. As you can see, the shoes have a cloudy look to them and that's what I like about them. I've looked and looked through zappos shoes and can't find anything similar. Can someone help?


Also what socks should I pair with this?



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Define affordable. That varies greatly from person to person.

As for socks, don't sweat it too much. Navy, black, grey... Just as long as they stay up so people aren't seeing your legs and aren't ridiculous, it won't matter too much.
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Originally Posted by lakerwu View Post

Also what socks should I pair with this?

Choose your socks based on your trousers, not your shoes.
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Under $350 would be good

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