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Official Wedding Attire Question/Answer/Picture Thread

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We all have had to battle the numerous n00b wedding attire questions in the past. But if you're new to this, the wedding thread always goes something like this:

1) noob asks where to rent clothing for himself or groomsmen or which outfit he should force all his groomsmen to wear

2) SF members tell him how silly the identical rented outfits look, encourage him to let people wear their own clothes

3) groom says no, impossible, his fiancée is set on the matching light gray four button rented tuxedos with fuchsia tie and pocket square sets that match bridesmaid dresses

4) SF members question groom's manhood, ask sarcastically if he is choosing what bride and bridesmaids wear.

5) OP either leaves thread angrily or calls off wedding, starts saving for Rubinacci evening wear and ridiculing n00bs that post asking where to rent a tux for their groomsmen.

StyleForum 101 has helped:


And should be considered required reading for posting in this thread. But I still think it would be useful to have a centralized thread so as not to rehash the same points over and over again. Please:

1) post any pictures of grooms or groomsmen looking great, or terrible if you think it's instructive. Also welcome is any historical info or insight regarding when the monster of matching wedding attire was spawned, and the glory that reigned before it. I will try to update the OP as valuable information arrives so that it, along with the SF101 article, will remain a reasonable substitute for reading the entire thread.

2) Redirect any n00bs starting their own threads about wedding attire to this thread as quickly as possible.

With any luck, we can help out future grooms and groomsmen with as little pain and suffering on all sides as possible.

Other approved links:




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I'm engaged and even though the wedding won't be for at least a couple of years, the subject of wedding attire has already come up.


My fiancee does not like traditional wedding dresses (neither do I), and has her heart set on a medieval-looking green and black dress. She asked me if they made suits that would match, and I told her olive green suits are generally accepted. It took a while, but I managed to find one that fits pretty well and would require only minimal alterations to make it SF-approved.


I went along with the idea because I dislike the tuxedo ensemble. I have a shawl lapel tuxedo jacket with matching plain black pants (no stripe down the sides) that I do like, but I hate those special pleated wing collar shirts, cummerbunds, and I totally hate bowties.

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I've seen very few olive green suits that I really like and a lot that I think look kind of cheesy. Even the ones I like I don't think I'd consider wearing to a wedding unless required by the bride or groom. If the wedding is at night, which it sounds like it might be if a tuxedo is an option. I'd especially avoid olive. A nice rich navy would be much better. Or better still, a midnight blue navy DJ in velvet. Wear a turndown collar and an evening waistcoat to overcome your first two phobias, and just get over it and wear a bowtie. Your black pants should be fine with the midnight velvet.
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Sorry, no way anyone's gonna talk me into wearing a full tuxedo. I don't like them and my fiancee doesn't like them, so why I should I "just get over it" because that's what everyone else wears?

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Originally Posted by Inker19 View Post

Sorry, no way anyone's gonna talk me into wearing a full tuxedo. I don't like them and my fiancee doesn't like them, so why I should I "just get over it" because that's what everyone else wears?


Well I think the more important point is that you really needn't wear something that matches the bride. It's an odd but commonly held view that outfits should "match". Just let them complement each other. Perhaps a nice brown suit?

That being said, a black or blue is going to look better at night.

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My point is, even if you don't want to wear a traditionally styled black tie rig, you can do a lot better than an olive suit.
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     I'm not sure if velvet would be a good cloth for a wedding attire, it's more fashionable and the objective of a wedding attire (for me at least) is to be something that transcends fashion and hence still being beautiful 50 years latter, neither is an olive cloth. In my opinion for the evening, stick with blue (deep navy or midnight), gray (charcoal or dark) or black.


Maomao's second outfit for his wedding:



Originally Posted by Inker19 View Post

Sorry, no way anyone's gonna talk me into wearing a full tuxedo. I don't like them and my fiancee doesn't like them, so why I should I "just get over it" because that's what everyone else wears?


     The whole point of this thread is that only a few know how to properly dress for a wedding and hence dressing as everyone else is to dress badly. Thus your rant does not make any sense.

     Also, black tie is not the only viable wedding attire.

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Velvet has a rich tradition in use for smoking jackets as well as waistcoats going back to at least d'Orsay. If you get it in a midnight then it's classy in a homey/loungey sort of way. Just avoid any reference to the pinks and baby blues of 70s velvet.
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Alsothabk you for quoting that (excellent) maomao pic. Threak needs moar pics.
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But where would one even find a midnight velvet DJ?  Just a straight midnight DJ is hard to find.

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That's exactly my point, it has a casual connotation. Therefore donning it in a formal venue is to be fashionable, but I may be biased by my culture.


Do welcome, I'll post one more from him, but I think that the tie should be darker.




Bespoke or MTM.

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I think SuitSupply has one that might work.

I agree it's more casual - whether it suits depends on the wedding and the setting. Given that an olive suit is under consideration, I don't think a velvet DJ would be too casual. It does lend a more festive and celebratory air, rather than officious and reverential.
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^that maomao jacket must be liverano. Nobody else cuts quarters like that.
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Repost in the right spot.

I'm recently engaged and decided I'm going to get a custom made suit. I think I will get it from Black Lapel because I just got a custom suit from them and it is fantastic, even my tailor was taken back on the quality. However, I can't determine if I should do shawl or peak lapels. I really like the look of Tom Ford tuxedos (just not the price). What is more traditional for a groom to wear? Also, I plan on getting some nice shoes for the wedding, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Shawl is more casual - in the direction of the smoking jacket. More of an at home, or at the club, kind of feel. Peak is more formal. But neither is inappropriate. Wear whatever you feel best in. On footwear, are you stylish enough to wear opera pumps?
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