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Made to measure shirts in London

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I've only ever bought off-the-peg shirts, so can anyone give some advice on having custom shirts made in London?

Where could I go and how much would they cost?

My problem is that virtually every shirt I buy has sleeves that are far too long to wear with a proper suit. The cuffs are 2-3 inches too long. A couple of shirts I've bought over the years have had good sleeve lengths but even so, one is always half an inch longer than the other, which I've come to the conclusion is down to my body rather than the clothes.

Would it cost more than to buy a shirt for £30-£40 and then have the sleeves altered? Is shortening shirt sleeves something you'd trust a dry cleaner to do? I've always been to nervous to trust them with altering good suits but maybe there's less to go wrong with shirts?
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I had a dry cleaner in my neighborhood who was great for small jobs, but I would usually have my shirts tailored at the store when I bought them (if buying off-the-rack).   I can't give any advise about London- but I am certain that you can find a wide range of shirt makers there.  It will cost more to have it made custom, but you get what you pay for. 


People balk at paying $300-$500 for a perfect shirt that you can wear for 20 years but buy a new $500-$700 iPad every 2 years? 


Enjoy the hunt and please reply when you have found a shop!

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Harvie and Hudson does bespoke shirts for (if I remember correctly) about 200 -- not cheap at all. I'm sure you can find some cheaper if you do some searching.


You can buy OTR and they will charge about ~15-20 to shorten the sleeves. One inch is doable, but three would probably not be. It would definitely be cheaper, and you could ask them to shorten each sleeve by a different amount if needed.

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Try You won't regret it.
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I believe Lewins will shorten the sleeves for 10 or 12 GBP so I'm fairly certain you won't find MTM for less than RTW + alteration.

I haven't looked too hard but I don't think there are any real values in bespoke shirts in London.
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This is a professionally familiar problem. What is your shirt size? Some makers offer shorter sleeves than do others. If absolutely nothing OTR will fit (or almost fit) and getting everything MTM or bespoke is unrealistic, it might be possible to have severe extra length shortened at the shoulders, by a good tailor. It would be great if one of them chimed in here.
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