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Shoe repairs

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I recently found a really nice pair of Alden shoes at a thrift store on my regular circuit, but since they had a scratch in the leather I didn't really look further. The next day they were gone, so I assume either someone bought them or the nice ladies there found the scratch and deemed them unsuitable (they do this at that store). My question is to what extent can shoes be repaired to look acceptable for use or resale? What kind of damage is repairable and what is the end of a shoe? The scratch in question went through the top layer of leather on the heel counter, but it wasn't deep. Is this something that could be fixed? How much damage have people successfully gotten repaired? Thanks.
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J. There's a place in NYC that is fabulous for shoe repair. Shoe Service Plus, 15 W. 55th St., NY, NY 10019, 212.262.4823. I've always dropped problem shoes off there when I'm in town, and they've shipped them back- so I bet they'd take ship-ins...
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J: I know that Johnston and Murphy offers a total shoe restoration for about half the price of the shoe new, so I would Imagine that some pretty impressive things can be done with leather. Is there any way to contact the company directly and ask them? Steve: You promised about that quote...
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What I'm really interested to hear is if anyone has examples of the extent of damage they've had repaired. Can a scratch through the leather be fixed somehow? Are there any sites anyone knows of that show before and after pics of shoe repairs?
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J: I have a white colored scratch on the toe of a pair of burgandy shoes made of calf leather. I bought some cover up material of the same color and left it on over night, but the scratch is still there. I haven't taken it to a professional to have anything done, but I imagine that that could be repaired. Tere was a thread about using a shoe bone lubricated with polish to smooth out scratches in cordovan, but I have not seen any before or after pictures on line. Bic
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