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Snow/pack boots

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Somehow, I have way too many boots and nothing really appropriate for deep snow. I've been getting by with a pair of hunters and wellington socks, but that is both hideous and not very warm. So! Anyone got any recommendations for snow boots that don't look awful?

Coolest ones I think I've seen are Seil Marschall packboots:

There was a waxed cotton upper version on Oki-Ni a while back and Moncler just did some collab with them that has a puffer upper. Both are breathtakingly stupid.

Schnee's make a similar pack boot in a few configurations, but the details don't look as cool.

They're a bit cheaper, at least.

Other than that, all I can think of are Bean boots and Sorels. I've never been able to get over the sole on Bean boots (and they've never made them in a different color, for some reason), and Sorels have a really ugly silhouette and by far the ugliest color combinations of pretty much any winter boot I can think of.

Anyone got any other ideas?
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I wear Meindl Gastein boots. They have sheepskin insulation and the soles hold up over snow and ice.


They're my go to winter boots and they're attractive.

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These are attractive?

Get out of my thread.
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Has anyone handled the Seil Marschall boots? They're the best I've seen online too. The ones with the waxed cotton shaft look OK but probably aren't as warm or practical as the leather ones.

White's make a packboot as well and the price is reasonable but I'm not crazy about the way it looks.

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