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Shoe Shining a Cognac Shoe? Not sure where to begin ...

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I recently bought this shoe --

and I realized I don't know how to get shoe shine for it? Should I use a neutral color or tan? I've been looking up Cognac Shoe Shine -- but I haven't found anything specific that would help me out yet.

I was hoping someone with experience might be able to recommend me something on Amazon that I could purchase.

As I understand, I've already done a few no-nos (including wearing the shoe without putting protectant on it first ...!)

Thanks for any advice here. I'm quite fashion-stupid.
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The shoe is really not worth the effort to put a shine to.

Just get one of those convenience store ready-to-shine rag or applicator and follow direction.
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Use neutral.
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Use Kiwi tan.
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Use fire

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Tan or light brown will be fine. Shoes are fugly.
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Saphir Médaille d'Or, Cognac, Nº 10, 100ml tin.

I use and like the stuff.

MdO cognac and yellow can be hard to find.
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OP, as you can see, there is no enthusiasm here for Stacy Adams shoes. If they're comfortable, affordable, and match your style, ignore the mockery. If you can afford to buy better quality shoes (better leather, better construction), consider doing so.

You should be able to get by with tan polish. Look online for more of a cognac color. Saphir is great stuff, and there are probably other, less expensive brands (e.g. Kiwi). I'm sure has something. Kirby at the Hanger Project has the Saphir.
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Originally Posted by UnnamedPlayer View Post

Use fire

Oh, that's your answer for everything.
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shekkery, welcome to Styleforum. Avoid Stacy Adams altogether.
Florsheim Kenmoor (in cognac if you like) is the bare minimum quality you should start with for shoes.

For Cognac finishes (depending on manufacturers and methods) what I do here is wipe with a damp rag, let dry, apply sparingly some leather conditioner, let dry, brush and buff with a flannel rag. Accept scuffs as character. Only periodically will I ever use Meltonian Cognac creme. Overall, the lighter colour the shoe, the harder it will be to maintain that original finish. Also, lighter coloured shoes are not on the essential list. They come after establishing your basic shoes in black, brown and burgundy. Avoid neutral cremes and waxes as they tend to leave an unsightly whitish film on the leather.
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Guys, thanks! I appreciate the honesty and will probably end up taking some of the advice (minus the fire smile.gif!

Sorry for the late response, but Happy New Years! I'm learning bit by bit, so I'm sure I'll have some more ideas about shoes in the future that I can make better decisions.
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