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Polo suits

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I'm thinking of picking up a RL Polo suit, in particular this one. Does anyone know if they are canvas or fused? I like the styling, though it would be better with flat-front pants and the price is great.
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Mike, Polo RL suits, while made by Corneliani are fused. About the same quality as Hugo Boss Black Label which we all know you love . But as my wife says, if you like it get it.
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Polo Blue Label are much nicer than Hugo Boss IMO. They have padstitched lapels, which the Boss's don't. So I find that the Polo's have an excellent look to the lapel. The styling is also much better and so are the fabrics IMO. But even at current store sales prices of over $700, it's a bit high for what you get.
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mike: Non related, but whats your feeling on the green pocket square shown in the pic? would you (or anyone for that matter) wear that color with the other colors shown in the ensemble? JJF
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Not with that tie, but I like the color of it. Maybe with a tie with green dots or stripes or something. Or a tie a different shade of green.
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thats what i mean.  Its a totaly new color in the ensemble and I see that on the RL PL site they actually do that on most of the suits, and while each item looks nice and sharp with the suit, (i.e. suit with tie and suit with square) the square just doesnt come together with it. Glad to see It wasnt me only. JJF PS: J: Nice sharper Forum logo...You made it with more depth did you not?
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