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Hello, I am new here but have lurked for awhile. I noticed styleforum definitely tends to be more conservative emphasizing construction and build opposed to trend. This is good. However, I feel like sometimes it is too anti-trend, but perhaps I am wrong that is why I would like to be more active here. Anyways, my question is regarding suits. I understand that an excellent suit cannot just be purchased off the rack and will need some altering. (I am nowhere near knowledgeable on the topic just a beginner) I know the premier suit makers and labels, but my question is what is the sentiment on more fashionable, less conservative trend pieces.

For my regular suit at my age (20) I prefer Ralph Lauren Black Label for most of my needs ie dressing appropriate for an interview, or conference, etc.

But seeing as my young this is the only time I can dress in whatever I like and I think is cool so, what about other types besides the timeless classics. Trends that are in now. Slim, colorful, eccentric patterns, contrast, etc. How are these viewed. Let me show some pictures to explain. What is the opinion, on cut, design, etc.? Would these considered to be a definite no for most people here??

OPTION 1 - Alexander McQueen

OPTION 2 - Burberry London Suit

Is there a similar consensus here for blazers/jackets? Or do people consider nice? or junk with a huge premium for the Gucci tag?

Is this considered too slim-fitting for example??



and similar suits on such as Kenzo Homme, Neil Barrett or Givenchy

Basically, I'm wondering what the sentiment on these kinds of styles, cuts, and fits are? But, I'm also asking are these just considered junk, with premiums?? I understand quality suits are among the likes of Brioni, Kiton, Isaia, Borelli,Canali, Belvest, etc. But I find many of these suits to be way too conservative and feel most people are old in these suits. Are there appropriate youthful alternatives? I guess I will ask more specifics after people post, but was wondering also if people think Option 5, is the way to go? or is it also considered slightly too slim? either way any recommendations for adding similar suits to start my suiting needs. Sorry if the post is large and confusing, but I lurked for soo long and reading posts here and there I can only get part of the picture, but I figured this way would be more interactive and better to understand the forum.
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