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Black shoes what's your style?

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Let's be honest some colours could be the new black but black will always be black. So we probably have at least one pair of black in our collection. Correct me if I am wrong but the importance of its style of shoe design like monk straps, cap toe oxfords etc... is more pronounced with black shoes because its very monotonic. Question is what is your favourite style and material; suede, calf, cordovan etc... of black shoes? Pics will be appreciated too!
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Crockett and Jones Alex would have to be my favorite.  I think you can dress these up quite a bit, but also just wear them day to day with a plain ol suit.

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I have a lot of black shoes, but have to admit that these days I am partial to wholecuts. I have two, one from Bontoni and a brand new MTO pair from Gravati. Will have to try to post up pics this weekend.
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Going for the new James Bond look I see :D lovin' it.

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Crockett and Jones Alex would have to be my favorite.  I think you can dress these up quite a bit, but also just wear them day to day with a plain ol suit.

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The black shoe always best. nod[1].gif
Me favourite is,
oxford wholecut,
oxford plain cap toe
oxford punch cap toe
oxford adelaide punch cap toe
oxford wien
always perfect and always very very good.
me like them very very much. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

black plain toe derby,
it semi good but oxford much much more good.
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I started to love black for men's shoes, very useful for most occasion save for the ultra causal context. My favourite at the moment is my Churchill from AG semi bespoke.

Flickr 上 CHA-KDSC03079
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Over the years I have come to the conclusion that black leather shoes aren't terribly versatile. Take the shoe pictured above. I wouldn't wear that with anything less than a suit. Which means I can wear them to work or when I am wearing a suit at a social gathering. Brown, and variations thereof, make up most of my collection these days. I can wear them with jeans and tweed, a suit, slacks and a sport coat, the lis goes on. When I do wear black shoes though, I prefer simplicity. I recently purchased these...



Allen Edmonds Flatiron. Sleek lines and a simple medallion.

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JL Pedestrian City II




JLP Pedestrian Balmoral




Future dream black shoes = punch cap oxford, austerity brogue in JL 2009 style (off black, probably black with a hint of navy or burgundy).  both in pedestrian shape, no gaudy junk.

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I have bespoke black wholecut in works.
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Longwings. In black or any other color. I wear them with suits, blazer or sport coat, or neither. I try hard to conform in some things, but at my work, black longwings are always fine, so I don't worry about others who might find these inappropriate.

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My fave would have to be a plain toe oxford, in calf - I like the simple style.

In terms of different styles, I do not like black derbys that are not full-brogue and dislike double-monks.
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black calf captoe oxford
black suede captoe oxford
black patent leather plain toe oxford (formal)
black calf opera pump (formal)
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The black shoes In my current rotation that I love:
- Black calf Oxford, plain cap toe (EG Chelsea on the 82 last)
- Black calf Oxford, austerity brogue (EG Beaulieu on the 82 last) ** Also like the Saint Crispin austerity brogue "104" in Black but don't own a pair

I personally love black shoes just as much as dark brown ones, I generally dislike tan and cordovan shoes.
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^ Wow.

My preferences in black (in order):

Wholecut Bal

Cap-toe Bal


Shell LWB

Austerity wingtips

I have a number more but these styles are my top choices.

And we haven't even started talking about boots...icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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