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Thanks again Mich D. I was hoping to get the catalogue and order directly bargain hunt at Ebay once I had my size nailed down.  Also thinking about some way to make and confirm shoe/foot measurements--a shoe version of A. Harris' classic post on how to measure for E-bay. I have ordered shoes sight unseen before...Aldens, Alfred Sargents, Crockett & Jones, and Grenson each with mixed result.   I tried the Aldens on at a store first. I was resigned to paying retail for my first pair to confirm the fit, but they didn't have my size in stock. However, the experience taught me that the 8D was fine in length but a bit too narrow. I was able to order the 8/E via the Net later. I ordered the Sargents without any recommendation and they were a bit big, but I have put an innersole in them and am quite happy.   I sent an outline of my foot to Crockett and Jones and was given size recommendations.  I ordered 1/2 size up from that and the shoes are still a bit too tight.  (Thus my post on home shoe stretching.) If I am going to pay a pretty penny/yen for a pair of shoes that will last a long time, I really want the best fit possible.   Thanks again to all who were kind enough to respond. Bic
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The Nordstroms here in the Bay Area carry really good stuff- especially downtown SF. They also have Isaia, and do trunk shows.
The Nordstroms here in Houston started off reasonably well, with a number of the Santoni Goodyear models and some Ferragamo Tramezza models. They've since discontinued that and retreated into dreck. The only decent footwear that they carry are a few models of TO Stanley boots. Some people have all the luck.
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Nordstrom here locally has the following: Suits: Top of the line at this Nordstrom is Abboud, the $625 version. Maybe a John W. Nordstrom at $495. Shoes: 3 or 4 Allen Edmonds models. The rest are in the $90 range, most of which I have never heard of. Ties: Top for them is Talbott Best of Class. Can't imagine how they can sell those if they can't sell a Hickey Freeman suit. All in all I have to go out of state to buy anything. Would love to see some of the larger Nordstrom stores. Went to I believe the Scottsdale-area store and based on what I was used to, I was simply astounded at the selection. I'm envious of those of you who are able to go to nice clothing stores if even for just looking.
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John: Where are you located? The Scottsdale Nordstrom is great- IMO one of their top 10. I'd be happy to post the 10 or so best Nordstroms around the country if anyone's interested. The Rack there in Scottsdale is pretty good, too.
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