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Edward green in seattle?

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Although I am originally from Seattle, I wasn't in a position to buy Edward Green shoes while growing up... I'll be there on business in mid-July. Can anyone recommend a place to buy E. Green shoes in the area? Even full retail in Seattle should beat the prices in Tokyo. Bic
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Unfortunately the closest place I know of for sure is in the SF Bay Area. You could try Mario's,
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Thanks a lot, Steve B. Bic
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I thought that Butch Blum might carry EGs,but I called them this afternoon,and was told that they don't. I suppose I'll have to head downtown to do some recon. Will check out Mario's and Nordstrom,and report back soon.
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Thanks a lot Mitch D. You are a prince. I remember when the new Nordstorm openned downtown (1996?) and their shoe selection was trumpted....but I was a mere babe in the shoe woods back then and wouldn't have known an Edward Green from a Florsheim. Bic
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When I asked EG about their retailers in the U.S., they did not list any stores north of California in the western half of the country.
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Well,I stopped by Nordstrom,Mario's,and Barney's New York this afternoon (I know: Tough job,but someone has to do it ) ,and none carries Edward Green. Mario's did have some nice shoes by Gravati,Sutor Mantellassi,and J.M. Weston though.
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Thanks very much for going to the trouble, Mich D. I suppose the Shoe God are trying to tell me something. Pay Japanese retail....not. Bic
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You are very welcome,Bic..  Happy to help,if I can. Mitch P.S. Perhaps you could order a catalog from EG directly. This thread,from Andy's site,discusses just that:
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Nordstrom has EG shoes? Jon.
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Bic- an Alaska Airlines or SW flight from Seattle to SF is pretty cheap. I'm guessing $150 or so round trip if you buy them now...It might be worth your while to visit Malouf's... Nordstrom here in SF carries handmade Santonis. A Harris and I have been admiring them from afar because of the stratospheric price tag... I picked up a pair of RLPL EG loafers at a Rack here a month or so ago, too. As they don't quite fit, you'll see them on E-Bay soon...
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Steve, So what is the price of the handmade Santoni's? It sure sounds like the SF Nordstrom is better than the ones in the Midwest. And I have never seen EG's at the rack. You are a lucky man. -Andy
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Steve B., What is the size of the EG's?
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Andrew; $1495, and they are really great-looking shoes, although the color's a bit red for my taste. The Nordstroms here in the Bay Area carry really good stuff- especially downtown SF. They also have Isaia, and do trunk shows. I did consider myself quite lucky on the loafer find- thanks. John: 10/10.5E, RLPL model 28986 model, burnt pine. Slip stitched split toe- they're really nice, wish they fit me.
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Thanks Steve B. I wear a 7/7.5. Do you think I could stuff some newspaper in the toes and add tongue pads to take up the extra 4 inches of space?
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