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Kilgour Ties

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Any opinions regarding ties made by Kilgour, on Savile Row in London?satisfied.gif
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I've owned a few. Very good quality (as long as you are talking about Brandelli and not Kilgour French & Stanbury)/
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What on earth is Brandelli? I'm inquiring about ties from the Kilgour that used to be Kilgour French Stanbury.
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Originally Posted by Lafont View Post

What on earth is Brandelli? I'm inquiring about ties from the Kilgour that used to be Kilgour French Stanbury.

Carlo Brandelli became creative director at Kilgour 2003. The quality and especially styling drastically changed from that point.

Brandelli Kilgour (and post Brandelli) is usually very good quaity (although the styling is sometimes a little fashion forward).

KFS stuff is usually tripe.
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"Tripe?" Sounds so British.... Please supply specifics. It seems the Savile Row tailor has been doing quite well for over 125 years, with a few different names.
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It's a little confusing. I believe the name was licensed in the U.S (or Canada) and clothing was made to a less than satisfactory quality.

Being located in the U.S, I am assuming that a lot of the KFS stuff you come across may by of this ilk.

The newer items are very well made and I have a few silk knits from modern-day Kilgour which I'm very pleased with.
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Lafont, I'm assuming the label on your ties say Kilgour? Malford is saying recent products from them are of high quality. KFS was made under license for the US market and of middling quality.
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^ what malford said.
pretty much anything after the brandelli renaissance is awesome. beware the crap they had made under license under the old name.
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My understanding is that Kilgour French Stanbury was the name used for decades with the business on Savile Row, London. But they were the Kilgour French Stanbury many years located only in London. According to the following website the three names lasted from 1937 to 2003. I've also read that Kilgour has been sold in the U.S. through Barney's, in NY:
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People are just making the distinction between the UK product and what was available in the U.S. with the KFS name. KFS U.S. products were only linked in name to the UK. Check your labels.
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