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Shoes for a newbie

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Hi Guys,


I am entirely new to bespoke clothing and will have my first navy suit done at WW Chan of Hong Kong in the very near future.

I would like to seek advice on my first serious pair of shoes to go with it and prefer wingtip designs with basic perforations.

I'm 21 years young and will be attending college as a freshmen come Spring 2013; this getup would be primarily worn to weekly business faculty meetings. Thus, a simple, understated look would be most preferred.


Have been reading on the topic and it would seem that the popular go-to brands are Alfred Sargent and Allen Edmonds and so on.

As a guideline, when is a good sale period to buy shoes? Wonder if anyone is aware of post-Christmas sales that would allow me to get a decent shoe at an affordable price? My budget is around 200-300USD.

Also, if you purchase online, how would you attempt to get a good fit? I wear an extremely comfortable size 7.5 (I assume EUR sizing) Tod's loafer on a daily basis, how do you think that would convert to a US Size and Width?

Would black or brown go better with a Navy suit?


Thank you for all the advice in advance and thank you for this excellent forum.

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Bring Up My Post

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If you like wingtips go for it, but your first shoe should be a captoe (AE Park Ave) or punch cap (AE Fifth Ave). In my opinion, younger people don't find a lot of broguing on shoes to be stylish.
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