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Experience with RL Children's Sizes?

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Hey everyone,


I've had a helluva time trying to find stuff that fits me OTR. I'm 5'4, 120 lbs with a 34" chest and an athletic build. I decided to order some clothing from the RL Children's website (windbreaker and a long-sleeved striped rugby shirt).


Using their sizing chart, I would be an 18XL (64"-66" Height, 116-126 Lbs), but for the two items above, there was only a general XL option when placing the order, so I'm assuming they lumped the 18XL and 20XL sizes into the same categories as a one-size-fits-all item (20XL - 66"-68", 126-138 lbs).


Does anyone have experience with RL Children's sizes? I hate stuff that is too big/baggy, etc., and I'm thinking that maybe I should have ordered a 16L instead of the 18/20XL size. Do you think the difference in measurements will be noticeable, or is +/- an inch regarding measurements still acceptable? 


Of course, I could always wait to see when I get them in person but I'm being impatient and would like some feedback;)




EDIT: Sorry if this posted more than once, I was having difficulties submitting the thread.

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Hey there,

I'm 5'2", 120lbs and wear RL boys' often. Depending on the piece, sometimes I'm a 14, sometimes a 16, sometimes an M, sometimes an L. I suggest you generally order two sizes to see which fits best. I imagine 20/XL and probably 18 will be too big for you though.
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