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USPS, UPS or FedEx

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If the mods wish to move this to another forum, feel free...

What do you guys prefer?

USPS priority has been taking a week or more to get to customers lately and we are thinking of changing shippers. They also don't provide any tracking information, just information that is has been delivered which can be a little frustrating...

If you have a PO Box or live outside the US, we would still use USPS, but I am leaning now towards UPS or FedEx for our normal shipping...
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USPS takes longer and their tracking is a freaking joke but I've only ever had problems with packages getting destroyed with either UPS or FedEx so I choose USPS when I can choose. In my area UPS has their act together better than FedEx so I've got to go with brown.
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I've been waiting for 3 things for more than 2 weeks now that are being shipped by USPS. Whether it's due to USPS or CanPost, I don't know. Still beats paying brokerage fees. I'm not voting since the poll doesn't apply to us foreigners.
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USPS tracking is a joke as aforementioned but the one thing i like about USPS is that its most convenient for us apartment dwellers - if you live in an apartment where you don't fear someone swipin a package left at your door, USPS is the best cuz the mail guy who has access to your front door obviously, can deliver your USPS packages as well. (left inside the complex, outside your door, not totally outside)

UPS and Fedex, they need signatures and i'm never home when they come so i end up having to go to their shipping facilities
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In general, I prefer USPS because stuff gets to me in 3 days from E/C where UPS takes 6 days and I'm impatient. Edmorel sent me a pair of trousers from NYC to LA that arrived overnite by priority mail (!!!)

but I like being able to log into UPS every day to see where my stuff is, and prefer UPS for more valuable items. Priority Mail tracking is a joke and waste of $

Fedex isn't even on my radar
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I like USPS becuse, I am often not home and USPS will put items in a lock box out by my mailbox. UPS and FedEx however, seem to refuse to leave packages even when I sign the release slip and then I have to drive 45 minutes to one of their distribution centers to pick up the package(s). At worst with USPS they will take it to the post office which is a 10 minute walk.

For me the extra couple days that USPS may take far outweighs trying to schedule around UPS/FedEx delivering stuff (or driving to their distribution center).

just my 2c

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How would this affect prices? edit: USPS is good about leaving any packages in my apartment complex's office instead of ups who leave a note and i always have a problem getting a time where i can sign for the item. Fed Ex usually just leave them at my door.
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I've had trouble with FedEx in the past. They dropped a package off in my apartment's mailroom where anyone could grab it. I live in a building that is still primarily rent controlled. You can guess what happened. I really wanted that shirt, too.
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I like UPS tracking, but the ground shipping takes forever.
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Here's my take.

Fast for me, comes with the mail, prices approaching others now, no tracking

Slow, dependable (always delivered b/w 1-2pm), boxes sometimes smashed, tracking

Fast (from atelier to me in 2 days via ground), deliver at odd times, usually in good shape, tracking

Fast, delivered at odder times than fedex, boxes usually in good shape, tracking sucks
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Another plus in favor of USPS: they deliver on Saturdays, too.
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They all blow but in my experience USPS is the cheapest and most efficient. UPS is cool cuz they always leaves the package on my doorstep (which is good or bad depending on the neighborhood you live in) but they're shipping cost is expensive. The only thing I trust Fedex for is overnight/next day shipping.
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Overall, I would vote for UPS. They are a little slower, but they will leave packages if you leave a note telling them to. I refuse to use FedEx because they often fail to leave me a door tag, so I don't even know for sure that delivery has been attempted. The other great thing about UPS is the ability to re-route a package if need be. I can have something sent to my office instead of my home if something changes.

USPS is good for a cheap shipping method, but when you really care, I say go UPS.
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USPS are the only ones so far that do not treat my packages repeatedly like a Scot would approach caber tossing...
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Originally Posted by skalogre View Post
USPS are the only ones so far that do not treat my packages repeatedly like a Scot would approach caber tossing...

Indeed. Exhibit A regarding UPS:
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