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The SF forum has a lot of tips on suit fitting.  But I find the most helpful information is scattered around different posts.  I'm compiling a simple checklist for suit fitting before I go to the fitting room.  Could you guys make some suggestions (hopefully including sources since different persons have different taste)?  The suit I'm going to purchase is neither MTM nor bespoken.  Instead, it is an economic one that BB offers in their 1818 line.  Specifically, the suit I bought is 1818 Navy Solid Milano fit like the one below:


Some simple items are what I find in Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man:


1. No standing away for jacket collar (no gap)

2. No bunching in back for jacket collar 

3. Fullness over the blades 

4. Correct closure, no "X" otherwise it is too tight

5. No less than a half-inch of shirt cuff should show below the jacket cuff

6. Shoulder should fit without alteration: has to be even and not bulge out; padding should not hang over (from Andy's Guide)

7. ...


Many thanks!